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Hi Folks.

My profuse apologies to all above who had problems with the TSA website a while back, and not updating Boards as well as ASI. Today is the 1st time i have logged in, and for some reason haven't had emails advising of PM's to me with regards to this and other things.

The company who hosts the website had their servers hacked into, attacking the website + who ever elses website they hosted, and sending out spam emails off the data base.

My Humble apologies for any hassles caused. The website was taken down as quickly as possible when the problem was discovered, but of course the damage at that time had already been done.

A new website is being rebuilt at the minute with better security features, and of course lots of new stock - and will offer be offering free postage to all Boards members.



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Now stocking Lonestar and ZM branded guns


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