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I received a phonecall from my GP saying my smear test had shown abnormalities, i'm 22 years old and i am worried sick. she told me i have to go back in 6 months for another smear, but i don't want to wait that long. Has anyone else been in this position? i've read up about abnormalities on some websites but they say not to worry, as cells can often go back to normal, but i just am really scared. all help and advice is greatly appreciated, thanks

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Hi there,
Im 24 and was in the same situation as you-All i can say is dont worry. I know its easier said than done. There can be many reasons why your result showed up with abnormalities and this happens to loads of women. All i can say is take your doctors advice and go back in 6 months for your next one. If you are really worried maybe discuss your concerns with your GP. I know this has happened to a few of my friends too so its not as uncommon as you might think..

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Hope everything is ok Op.

I;ve never had a smear test done. This has scared me cos i'm older than you.

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lolli said:
Hope everything is ok Op.

I;ve never had a smear test done. This has scared me cos i'm older than you.

Lolli you really should.... sorry that sounds like im lecturing you wasnt meant to come across that way! Just for your own piece of mind like....

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Hi gals, im 27 had my first smear test yesterday. Was so nervous & put it off 4 ages but when i came out of the docs i was so relieved & happy to hav done it.
all i have to do now is wait for the results...
Supposedly its not uncommon to have abnormalities but i know this wont stop the worrying.


For the first time ever, I got an "abnormal" and "come back in 6 months" on a smear test last month. I went to speak to the doctor about it (in a panic) and she explained that there are "steps" normal, abnormal, mild, moderate, severe - something like that I forget exactly, anyhoos the point is, it's nothing to worry about, quite often the cells will return to normal themselves in the 6 months, and that it's not possible to "jump the queue" from an abnormal to full blown cancer in 6 months.

Now I've got to remember to go back in September ...

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I've had abnormal smears a couple of times . . . each time I went back in 6 months (as opposed to the usual 12 months) and everything was fine. I'd assume that your doctor figures that your body will sort itself out, and it often does.

Try not to worry too much about it -- just schedule your appointment and then you know you'll be set.

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Hi All
I got a call yesterday from the surgery where I had my smear done a few weeks back and the doctor told me that the result was abnormal. I have never had a smear before, I’m 32 years old and only married 6 months, this is really, really terrifying for me. It really helps me reading all your posts, I’m so grateful that I’m not alone in this. The thing that worries me is that the doc didn’t tell me to just come back in 6 months time but he is referring me to Holles Street for a colposcopy. Does anyone have any experience of this, why are they sending me straight away, I’m worried that I might be further along in the process, please help me.

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yep, ive had an abnormal one too...have you been told you need to go for colposcopy? if not i wouldnt worry too much,because it will probably go back to normal.

My first smear came back CIN2, when i had the colposcopy(6 months later) it had changed to CIN3,and at this stage i was 5 months pregnant so i had to have more colposcopy after i had my baby, I was told i needed lletz treatment in the hospital,so i had that and now I have to wait untill june for more colposcopy to see if things are normal. Its horrible having to wait so long(it was over a year before i had the lletz from my first abnormal smear!),but if they thought it was serious you wouldnt have to wait 6 months,believe me, try not to worry!

ps. its so annoying having 6 months between the appointments!!

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thanks so much for all your replies, i feel a lot less panicked than i was. . having spoken to some friends, i have learnt that it is quite normal to get abnormal smears at my age, and this is a reason why they don't recomment smears to under 25's, as it can be misleading. also, i read on a website that you're meant to get the smear done between the 10th-14th day of your cycle, that is the 10-14th day after the first day of your period. i didn't know this and wasn't told this prior to getting my smear, which i'm annoyed about, as this may be the reason the smear showed abnormalities!

here is a very helpful article re: the topic!

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Yes, it's very common. I'm 23 and got my first smear at 21, which was abnormal. I've had 3 colposcopies now, due another in June. It seemed to get better but then worse again which was very annoying. I was hoping I wouldn't have to have any treatment, but the Dr is recommending that I do if it's gotten worse again. I'm trying not to worry about it - after all, as the Dr said, if I'd waited until 25 as recommended in Ireland, I wouldn't even know about it, so it can only be a good thing that I found it and am monitoring it.

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I've had two or three abnormal smears over the years - like Lobelia, my doctor explained the variations using "steps" as well.

I found going back in 6 months to be more of a pain in the, um, neck, than anything else, but definitely do go back on time, and try put it out of your mind until then. Varying points in your cycle are one of the most common reasons for abnormal results, but try take comfort in the fact that they're doing the right thing in perhaps being overly cautious.

This article might be of interest:

Or you could just read it where BlondePrincess already posted it...


Thoie said:

This article might be of interest:

Or you could just read it where BlondePrincess already posted it...

t'is worth saying twice

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