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Not sure if this is even allowed here, but my camera was lost/stolen in Rockfarts on Sunday night(12th April), would offer a small reward for its return...

Dont know why someone would bother stealing a cheapie type digital camera, or if i lost it why they wouldn't hand it in at the bar? Im now picturing someone sitting at home having a good nose through my photos on a camera with a very low battery and no means of recharging it

Anyway, it was a silvery/gold coloured cannon camera with lots of photos of me and my friends on it.


There must be something incriminating on that camera

Bendihorse Registered User

No, luckily me mammy told me never to write or record anything that you wouldn't be happy to have seen in public!

Just ordinary photos of holidays and me with friends, camera was present from boyfriend and i hate losing it Especially the thought of it being thrown in a drawer unused when the battery runs out...

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You should go back now and ask the bar staff if perchance it was handed in now. Sometimes people realise that it wasnt worth nicking and return it (happens in my workplace)

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Bendihorse Registered User

I went in yesterday and asked and there was no sign... Might well try again later in the week or maybe next weekend in case it turns up in the mean time. Thanks for that tip

Eireann Registered User

No problem, hope it works out for you.

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