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This is an initiative that I'm setting up for photographers who might want to do stuff but might have reservations about doing it on their own. Examples that spring to mind would be things like night shots or isolated ruins.

I'm not fully sure of how it will work but the loose idea is as follows:

Here is a google map with the locations of people who are willing to be photobuddies. You put a placemarker on the map for yourself and your userid and, if you've a twitter id, maybe that also.

In general, I think the quickest way of contacting people here will be via PM or, probably, twitter, hence contact details.

Think it might also be useful to have a label on twitter and it looks like no one is using #photobuddy.

So you could do something like "going to Skerries to take photographs of boats after dark, need a #photobuddy" if you didn't know who to contact or:

@someboardsuser going to Skerries to take pictures of boats after dark, want to come?

That's the idea anyway. I'm open to ideas. Map should be updatable by all at this stage too.

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Great idea!
Was thinking the same thing a while ago...
I brought my nephew (a budding photographer) to some church ruins today, was class

Buzz Lightyear Registered User

Great idea Calina. I think if most of the regulars put their locations down we could see a bit more local colaboration and ideas flowing here. Being out in the middle of the night or morning doesn't bother me, however I'd love some encouragement to get those sunrises at the weekends. A warm bed is only georgous especially after a hard weeks work, so a 'getup early' buddy could yield some interesting shots.

joolsveer Registered User

I am embarrassed to say that I cannot find a way to put a placemarker on my location on the map. Can anyone help please?

Panic over. I tried using Firefox first and couldn't get it to work but I have now managed it by using IE.

eeyore2502 Registered User

Never used google maps before how do I put a marker on it?

Thoie Registered User

Seeing as the map now contains both "places" and "people" I've changed the icons to show which is which, hope you don't mind Calina. "Places" are now marked with a camera, people are now a little man (those who really want to can turn the man into a woman).

Eeyore, to add yourself to the map, click on "edit" - this then adds a new right click option to "add a marker". When that window is open, you can change the marker by clicking on the default blue marker symbol and scroll to find the icon.

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eeyore2502 Registered User

Thanks will try now.

mrmac Registered User

Fantastic idea!
Might even spur people on to arrange meets, if you're aware of other boardies in the area.

Thanks Calina.

kjt Registered User

Lovely idea Treasa!!
Let the tweets & pm's commence!


Added now, don't be afraid to PM me

mehfesto2 Registered User

Thought about photobuddies a while back when I was nearly robbed in the town, but this is a much more thought out idea than mine! Nice one, Calina!

I'd love to get a few of us out one weekend night to Dublin City Centre for long exposure shots and that.

eeyore2502 Registered User

I would be up for the long exposures in the City!!

mehfesto2 Registered User

We should plan a Dublin night trip soon, so.
See if we can get a few people interested for a Saturday night soon, perhaps?

And if it all goes well, a few scoops afterwards might be in order!


Around Dublin Docks is great in the evening, not too early and not too late! Ihave been around there about 1900 - 2100 and have got a few nice shots.

Thoie Registered User

Any particular reason why it's now called Fuzzywyz? I'd suggest not making it public - that way people here, who have the link, can still use it and mess with it (I think), but stops it being on google searches. Would need to confirm that making it non-public still allows it to be edited by people who have the link.

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