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My teacher is pretty useless. All she has given us so far on An Triail is a few notes on Padraig, Maire, Maili and mathair Mhaire. But I'm tryin to get an A1 in irish so I've ben working really hard on it on my own.

When I was goin through the exam papers I saw a question about "tionchar na naire AGUS tionchar na himni" on the main conflict in the drama.

I'm confused. I get the whole thing about the "tionchar na naire" but tionchar na himni?? What points should I be making??


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The tionchar na náire and tionchar na himní will be very much the same. Basically the influence that worry had is that people were worred they'd feel ashamed. You'll pretty much be making the same points for both, I guess the most difficult thing to do will be to decide which points you'll lead to worry and which you'll link to shame.

For shame I'd go with:
Máire's mother kicking her out
Bean Uí Chinsealaigh kicking Máire out
None of the neighbours helping Máire when the house falls down
Pádraig abandoning Máire

For worry I'd go with:
No-one putting the blame on themselves for fear of being held responsible for

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Máire's obsessive worry about her daughter leading her to do kerazy things
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Maybe 2 points for worry isn't enough, you might want to lump a "shame" point in there instead. I'd say at the beginning of your answer say "sa dráma seo, feicimid dlúthbhaint idir tionchar na himní agus tionchar na náire. Mar gheall ar a náire, mhothaigh daoine imníoch..."

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Hi there - Irish teacher here! (Hopefully not yours!!)

If I were doing that question I would keep it very simple. Do not try and separate imni and naire. It gets too complicated. That would be hard even to do through English. You've studied four characters in depth so use them to get your point across. Make a plan. Refer back to the question at the end of each paragraph using tionchar an inmi agus an naire as one unit as such.

Heres a plan from the top of my head:

1. Aontaím go raibh tionchar an imni agus an náire an-mhór ar mhuintir na hÉireann san am atá thart. Feictear é seo go rí-soiléir sa dráma an Triail - dráma a léiríonn meon na ndaoine nuair a bhí cumhacht ollmhór ag an Eaglais Chaitliceach ar an sóchaí go ginearálta. Déanfaidh plé ar ceathrar charachtair ón dráma chun an ráiteas seo a chur iúl - Máire, máthair Mháire, Máilí agus Pádraig.

Away you go taking each character and describing how they were effected by worry and shame in this drama. Thats 4 more paragraphs.

2. Máire

3. Bean Uí Chathasaigh

4. Máilí

5. Pádraig

(Don't forget at the beginning of each paragraph, to explain briefly who each character is in relation to the play. i.e dont just launch in saying Pádraig felt unable to leave his wife, because ......You should briefly explain in two or three sentences who Padraig was in relation to Máire. - it's a good idea to use Máire as the first character because if you use anyone else after that you just explain who they are, in relation to her!

6. Sum up your answer and basically repeat what you said in the opening paragraph.

Use a quote from each character to back up what you're saying.

Hope that's helpful.

Don't panic with an Triail - if you've studied some characters every question can be broken down like that using different characters to back up what you're saying.

Go n-éirí leat

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Thanks so much for all your help.
I was really getting bogged down by the question earlier and by "An Triail" in general.
But it makes perfect sense now that I realise I do not need to separate imni and naire!

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Dolliemix (or anyone else who can help!), I'd be grateful if you could tell me how I should approach the following question

'"Feicimid an dá thaobh de shaol na hÉireann sa dráma seo". É sin a phlé.'

I've seen a sample answer from Foinse which discusses the life of women (who suffer mostly hardship) and the life of men (who are in controlling positions) but that seems a bit farfetched (for want of a better word) to me.

Could an answer be done on (one side) the strict Christian values supposedly prevalent in society and (other side) the lack of Christianity actually displayed by most people in the play? Basically something similiar to an answer on " 'cé a deir gur thír chriostaí í seo?' É sin a phlé".

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Wow, free Irish grinds!!!, YAY!!!.

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Hi there. My teacher isnt great either and we've been asked to talk about the influence padraig had on maire's life.
Very very confused!! what should I write about?!?!?

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doylek said:
Hi there. My teacher isnt great either and we've been asked to talk about the influence padraig had on maire's life.
Very very confused!! what should I write about?!?!?

Maybe how he fake married her, got her pregnant, that got her kicked out of her home etc. There's absolutely loads to write about on that one.

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