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I developed a taste for this whilst recently in China and was wondering if anyone knows an offlices in Dublin that sells it?
I was surprised to see that O'Briens in Nutgrove sell the excellent Tsingtao beer, well worth checking out if you like your beer
I'd also like to find Chongqing beer too if anyone's seen it.

BeerNut Moderator

Tsingtao's fairly common around the place. Never seen Snow, though, which is a bit surprising since it's the world's most popular beer.

Maybe try some of the Chinese supermarkets.

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Supercell Happy :)

Thats the stuff alright beernut, just shows how big the Chinese market is alone. Especially as beer consumption per head is much much lower than here.
I guess the Asian stores in Dublin are the next obvious place to look. I was in the Asia Market yesterday beside Grafton street and didnt see it there though they did have a couple of Chinese wines. Will continue the search!

kenmc Registered User

Snow is about the best of the Chinese beers I tried when there in 2006, although Blue Sword was pretty good too. Have not seen them since I'm afraid, although in fairness, there's better beer around on every street corner here. I think you may be blinded by the 'best of a bad lot' disease.
Never heard of Chongqing, but Dali was fine as was LiQ - although that one came with about 4 different labels so you could never be sure if it was te same stuff!

Blisterman Moderator

When I was in china, I don't think I saw any other Chinese beers than Tsing Tao. Never even heard of Snow. Is it any good?

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