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Have been crawling in the site for a bit lately and they deliver to Ireland, which is good for the stingy unpatriotic sort. Just tonight tried to order a DSLR with Lens it came to £400, a very very good deal compared to what i have seen around Dublin and even on irish sites. I went to order but it just kept saying the Billing address does not match the address associated with credit card or something to that effect.

Has anyone else had this problem with stuff off jessops? Or is there site misleading and they actually do not deliver to Ireland!

Any comments or shared past experiences would be apreciated.

EDIT: From what I have read around the place is that deliver to Ireland but you have to make your order over the phone.

Placebo Registered User

yes thats a head wrecker, does not work at all, system only checks for UK address' you have to order via phone !

anoble66 Registered User

Just read the post from Placebo so the below will probably make no difference..

Never tried ordering from Jessops before but have had similar problems with other sites. If their site insists on a postcode when ordering try using "0000"

Sightaridis Registered User

I actually travelled up to Newry to buy my DSLR from Jessops, that's always an option if you have the time. I can't understand why they don't have any ROI addresses in their database despite delivering to the Republic.

jpfahy Registered User

I tried to order a 5D last year and it wouldn't let me check out so I drove to Newry instead. The guy in the shop said their system won't accept ROI credit cards

pawrick Registered User

had the same problem - ended up just phoning them and bought it that way.

(for anyone who saw my earlier rant about them not delivering - I'm still waiting but the tripod which i bought before xmas along with other stuff - but at least they explained the delays - simply out of stock still - not happy but at least it will arrive eventually and I'm not completely forgotten about! most people seem to give them a very good review though so just seems to be my bad luck choosing the wrong item).

BlaasForRafa Registered User

I checked out and had the same issue so I ordered from . Got my dslr for £50 less than Jessops and delivery was prompt too.

anoble66 Registered User

thats who I have used for my dslr. Ordered on Friday, arrived today....very good service.

ttcomet Registered User

I ordered off warehouseexpress before and although they took the order online they did come back and ask for a credit card statement to prove I was the right card owner.

I also ordered off Jessop's before over the phone and they too were fine. Although I would say that the package I got for them was quite badly packed.

At this stage I just use and choose which ever is cheaper between those 2 and Calumet.

coylemj Registered User

jpfahy said:
I tried to order a 5D last year and it wouldn't let me check out so I drove to Newry instead. The guy in the shop said their system won't accept ROI credit cards

And well he might, he's not exactly neutral in that regard since putting out that (false) message drives all of us up the M1 to Newry so the Newry branch gets our business instead of the mail order wing of the company.

I have ordered via a Dublin credit card and Jessops have delivered to me.

CabanSail ɹoʇɐɹǝpoɯ ʎɹobǝʇɐɔ

I have had this problem with Jessops & 7dayshop. It is to do with security software on Credit Cards. It is to do with the lack of Post Code data & it then fails the address check.

Jessops I placed the order by phone & it was all OK.

7dayshop it only occurs on large orders. I have had it fail twice with them, each time it was a matter of emailing them & getting past the Standard Response stage & pointing out I have a history of buying stuff on their database with the same card. Problem is then sorted.

Lillajag09 Registered User

I ordered a Nikon DSLR in January from Jessops. Had to do it over the phone but that was painless enough. They only charged £9 for the delivery. I spent hours comparing prices and some of the other UK websites charge a lot more for the delivery. I saved a significant amount compared to the ROI prices.
And the best bit- I got it the next day! No issues whatsover with the package, it was a proper box and well packed.
That's what I call excellent service!

mrmac Registered User

I found Calumet, in Belfast, to be a great service, and they'll try to price match if you can provide an accurate quotation from another supplier. Bit of a drive though

There's a Jessops store in Derry, which I usually stroll into once a week, but lately, there seems to be less and less items on display? If you want to check stock levels in the Derry store, use the post code BT48 6XY.

piskins72 Registered User

yes have had the same problem with Jessops and their online system not allowing ROI addresses, the first time it happened me last may I was trying to do a collent at store option, I rung them and they insisted it was a CC problem on my end, I rung my CC company to double check and they said no all was ok so I rung Jessops back and got speaking to a different customer agent and straight away they knew why, as I was travelling to the UK anyways they just told me to go to the store and say I wasnt able to do it online cause of address and I would get the same deal as net, so that was ok..

in Dec, I decided to get a lense for camera, so as I had got camera from them initally I priced about and they were still the cheapest for the one I wanted, proceeded to do order online again and suprise suprise same problem again! as I was heading up north anyways I decided to check both stores in Newry & Belfast who were out of stock of the lense I wanted! .. as I was travelling to the UK in Feb I decided to leave it and get it over in one of their stores in person .. I did however send an mail to their customer service dept and explain the problems and was told that they had a lot of similar issues and were going to look into it, time will tell if its changed

vervevalley Registered User

Planning to buy a dslr in Uk..! was looking thro the price it's pretty cheap compared to the prices in dublin..! Does any one have an idea about customs duty or tax..! i was told by my a friend that they would charge only the postal charge ..! pls reply

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