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Looking to find out how much a family portrait with a large (larger than 8x10) version (& digital copy) print would be.

It's to be a birthday gift for a parent, there's 12 in total in the family - grandparents, parents & children. Would need someone good with kids as half of them are under 6, Looking for an interesting composition & something that's going to look well. Would prefer to go to a studio to get it done. Dublin northside or city centre.

Please PM me with details

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I hope it is ok to post here. I was wondering if there was any photographers interested in photographing a renovated farmhouse holiday let in the northwest of Ireland in exchange for a free stay in July/August this year? The house has 4 bedrooms and can sleep up to 8. May be a nice get away for a club?

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Ive been offered a few photography jobs next week but can’t take all of them. Its through 500px working with Trivago picturing hotel’s in the Munster region mostly Kerry it seems. If anyone has an interest in doing some of these give me a shout.

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I want to get a professional profile photo taken for use at work. (Work don't supply this).
Can anyone recommend a photographer in Dublin city centre who provides this service? Thanks

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Hi folks, 
I'm a photography student tasked with a project to create an album cover based off a portrait of the artist - therefore I'm looking for someone interesting to snap off this website if anyone's interested? 
Obviously the upside will be that I will give you a copy of all the final snaps for your own use! If you have your own idea's, they are always welcome.
Ideally you might be an active musician with a musical style we can use as a basis for the image - or alternatively a fellow photographer who doesn't mind jumping to the other side of the camera.  Age group of 20 upwards preferred (I'm 32 and for obvious reasons a grown man meeting young-ones off the internet is never a great idea!)
Please PM me if interested and I can send you a link to where you can find some of my images,

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I all,

I am getting married in October 2017 in Dublin City, and wonder if there is anyone out there that would like some experience in photographing the event. We are two brides with 60 guests, more of a smart casual affair. I don't have much of a budget but hoping you would rather do it to add to your portfolio. I don't mind at all what you do with the photo's, just that I would like a digital copy. I will have a couple family members who will take pictures, and I will do some too, but I'm very happy for a couple other keen photographers to capture candid photo's of the guests and can get in on the posed photo's too.

Please let me know, I would love your input.


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