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Im currently waiting for my dole and i got a up19 form to fill in about looking for work and i have to send it back into them with evidence that im looking for work, fair enough like but i didnt have to do this the last time i signed on. Anyone else ever get one of these?

rosebush Registered User

Yea this is common now because of the high unemployment. keep a record of numbers you have called, interviews you have attended or e-mails sent as they can ask you for proof again at a later stage.

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

Ya I got one of them.Do letters of application to employers count as evidance?

welshy2009 Registered User

not sure but id say just give them what you can at least letters of application says that you are applying and looking for work. Also it asks about registering for FAS and if so attach cert of registration but i never got one of those when i registered online.

Sephiroth_dude One Winged Angel

the reason I ask is cuz I have applied for a load of jobs and have'nt back any rejection/call for an interview letter ,and like yourself I have to go in there next month and there looking for evidence.

welshy2009 Registered User

ya i just have to post it into them, if your badly stuck you should try anything like evidence you have signed up for job agencies and registered with different job sites, but at least you will be talk to them face to face and tell them your situation and how your just having awful luck with job searching like most of the country.

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All they are interested in is all the applications you have made for work, be that: letters, e-mails, records of phone calls, cut outs of Job ads from the papers, anything at all that involved you actively looking for work.

The best thing to do is keep a diary (been there, done it and worn the t-shirt), just log everything work related daily (if you can remember LOL) and that should be enough.

Poeple and companies in this county are extremely bad at replying to applications for jobs - I even had the head bitten off me on the phone by a human resource manager with a well known insurance comapny for having the bare faced cheek to follow up an Job application, put me off wanting to work there!! You should file any replies you get aswell, cover your tracks

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