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Personally, I would like to see all premium telephony services completely outlawed.

They are barely legal scams as it is, and they profit from vunerable members of society- stupid people, horny/lonely/drunk men, and naive kids.

It's an utterly cynical and deplorable way of making money.

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I did a small bit of digging and 20 seconds later discovered that the evil spawn that became todays Zamano was nourished from the payslips of you and me both via Enterprise Ireland and and then sheltered similarly in our stunning Digital Hub.......

- I'm sickened; In my opinion there's a better level of decency and integrity in Mountjoy & would like to see Zamano's crooks spend some time there.

My Missus was robbed blind after voting on some RTE TV show competition etc. and I am disgusted that this daylight robbery is allowed to continue to this day.

I reserve the right to hold a personal opinion on business practices of this nature and to express said personal opinion

DigitalHub/Enterprise Ireland Site
Zamano, a leading provider of digital entertainment to mobile devices, was founded in Dublin in 2000, and has been located in The Digital Hub since January 2004. Initially locating in the Digital Depot building, a business incubator run by the Digital Hub Development Agency, and Enterprise Ireland, Zamano are one of the first significant digital media companies to graduate from The Digital Hub’s incubation space and enter the “high growth scaling division”.* From humble beginnings in 2001 Zamano grew and by the time they moved to The Digital Hub’s incubator space in January 2004 they had 16 employees. Zamano benefited from enterprise support from both Enterprise Ireland and The Digital Hub. According to John O’ Shea, MD of Zamano, “The worst thing you can do is take out a long term lease on an office and then in a year you’ve outgrown it and have to get a new lease and infrastructure”.

With the flexibility to scale with greater ease Zamano’s profitability continued to increase in 2005 and their total number of employees was by now 23. The company was placed second in the Deloitte Fast 50 Rising Star category, a ranking of the 50 fastest growing technology companies in Ireland. In 2006 Zamano moved out of the Digital Depot’s incubation space to a new office in The Digital Hub at 4 St. Catherine’s Lane West. This move, facilitated by The Digital Hub, allowed Zamano to “focus on running the business”, while The Digital Hub put together “the right infrastructure: putting desks, phones and net access in place” according to O’Shea. Their Digital Hub location has also provided Zamano with near at hand customers from the Digital Hub’s enterprise cluster of like minded companies – they have 5 customers in the vicinity of the campus – and can remain close to other potential customers and suppliers of their products and services

In 2006 Zamano expanded into the Australian market and significantly they floated on the alternative investment market (AIM) in London on the 31st of October. Zamano’s admission to AIM raised the profile of the company, and it was followed by their listing on the Irish Enterprise Exchange (IEX) on 26th of February 2007. Importantly Zamano’s IPO has aided further strategic acquisitions, the most recent being Red Circle Technologies Limited, their fifth acquisition and second in 2007 alone. 2007 also saw Zamano rank number 2 in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50.

Zamano continues to expand into new territories and increase investment in new technology. They are currently focusing on the scaling of their SMS business, the ongoing development of new WAP services and the growing demand for 3G mobile video services. Zamano can avail of doorstep access to leading edge research that The Digital Hub offers: They are currently taking part in a mobile TV project which is facilitated in The Digital Hub by the Digital Media Forum, with the express intention of bringing various stakeholders together to look at the wider possibilities and issues of Mobile TV and how it can appeal to a wide audience. Zamano now employ a staff of 37 in The Digital Hub. Zamano is now a leading provider of mobile services to UK, Australian and Irish mobile operators, such as Orange, Telstra, O2 and 3 Mobile among others. Beside these business partners, some of Zamano’s other customers include, Vivas Health, and Buy and Sell. This fast growing Irish Digital Media company is just one example of the enterprise focus of The Digital Hub. Zamano has benefited from not only the state of the art office and ICT infrastructure, but also from the business opportunities The Digital Hub brings.

Zamano, 4 St. Catherine's Lane West, The Digital Hub, Dublin 8, e., t: +353 (0) 1 488 5820,

* As defined by Enterprise Ireland

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Please excuse the secondary post - but this deserves its own space:

And this:

A COMPANY given grant aid of €311,000 by Enterprise Ireland has been fined more than GBP£200,000 in the UK in relation to so-called "premium text services".

Zamano Limited, which is based in the Digital Hub in Dublin, has had 13 adjudications made against it by the British regulator PhonepayPlus.

However, the company, in which Enterprise Ireland is still a significant shareholder, said that while it had paid the fines – all of the money had since been recouped.

It said all of the adjudications involved third-party providers and that Zamano had not been the subject of a complaint since this summer.

So-called premium text services have proved controversial and involve mobile phone users registering for ringtones, quizzes, competitions, games and other services.

Many mobile phone owners believe that it is a once-off service only to discover later that it actually operates on a subscription basis.

Consumers are frequently billed up to €10 a month even if they are not actively using the service and then have to personally cancel the service.

Zamano said they had instituted a review of operations this year and were now actively turning away business who would not sign up to their code. They said they had not been the subject of a complaint since this summer as a result.

A statement said: "The premium rate services industry in which Zamano operates in the UK is regulated by PhonepayPlus and Zamano is obliged to follow its Code of Practice.

"Over 100 million text messages are sent from Zamano's technology platform annually, either directly from Zamano to the end user or indirectly by a number of third party service providers operating on Zamano's platform. Despite such high volumes just 13 adjudications have been made by PhonepayPlus relating to breaches of its code of practice".

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In ironic fashion my mother came in to me today in a panic as she has topped up twice in 3 days and had her credit pillaged to almost zero both times. She's been receiving these random texts about "games" for the last week (7 in total - she doesn't have a clue about "stop" - nor should she have to to be honest). She never signed up to anything.

I told her to get on to Vodafone and regtel and find out whats going on. Apparently a company called "" is taking credit, following on from a competition that was entered on the late late show almost a year ago. They are apparently owned by "Emexus"?

"mBlox" is apparently the company that owns all of the 5 digit premium numbers that have been mandating my mother's account. Regtel have told my mother that they will track the company at fault and contact her within 7 days. It sounds like she's gonna have an awful pain in the arse with Vodafone and Regtel getting her money back, to the tune of €17.50 approx.

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A new bill has been published in the last week or so which is going to give greater powers to ComReg and RegTel to supervise and regulate this area... About time!! Hopefully this increased regulation will result in a clamp down on these awful practices.

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El Camino said:
A new bill has been published in the last week or so which is going to give greater powers to ComReg and RegTel to supervise and regulate this area... About time!! Hopefully this increased regulation will result in a clamp down on these awful practices.

My Sister got stung by these scumbags yesterday - I'd love if they were someday forced to pay back all the proceeds of their 'crime' retrospectively - utter w@nkers; they should be locked up

- In my opinion the scum out there beating and mugging folk on the street have more decency and honesty......

And why does RTE et al continue to go along with it? Its their programmes and crappy quizes that seem to kick most of these off. Although as they do charge €160 per household via the TV license to screen utter drivel day after weary day they are not too far from the daylight robbery bracket themselves......

foggy_lad Banned

on a similar note what is that new "play tv" thing on tv3 every night all about?

is it that they cant sell advertising for after midnight so they host a phone-in scam aimed at some of the most vulnerable of society? €1.50 per call and you are not guaranteed to get through as there is only one open line?

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Just want to log myself as someone who has been fleeced by the dishonest practices of Zamano and it's other names.
Thievery and deceipt is an appropriate description.
Can I convert my anger into action?

Bob Z Registered User

MullingarMan said:

Can I convert my anger into action?


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Celldorado have nothing to do with Zamano.

MullingarMan Registered User

blueirishangel said:
Celldorado have nothing to do with Zamano.

Thankyou Blueirishangel,
I was sent a number of texts from SMS Short Code 57151.
The text ended by ''. Regtel (as per their website) report that this is the code of Service Provider 'Zamano'.
They (Regtel) also note the phone number for Zamano as (01) 5260014.
On the Celldorado contact page the phone number for Ireland is listed as 01 526 0014

It is a remarkable coincidence that two entities that have the same phone number have nothing to do with one another!

MullingarMan Registered User

In my previous post I noted that Zamano have a SMS short code of 57151 registered with Regtel. The phone and contact address are listed as (01) 5260014 and

Zamano also have another SMS code listed with Regtel - that is 57030 - however Regtel have a different phone number and email address for this code - 0818 300048 and .
Zimano also has another SMS code = 57252 . . . and another, 57175

blueirishangel Registered User

Have you phoned Zamanos customer service?

They should be able to help you and will refund you if money has been taking unfairly.

My brother has dealt with them before and got a cheque in the post.

MullingarMan Registered User

I was treated unfairly. I have phoned Zamano's Customer service. I was treated in an adverserial manner. I am still waiting for the cheque in the post.

I see Zamano shares on the ISEQ went up on Friday August 14th 2009 by 11.4%. That was following the trading of 4 (four) shares on the day. That was a trading of shares worth less than €0.80 (80 cent)! ! !

The market capitalisation of Zamano is €14.6M
- trading at €0.180
- however it gains €2M (market capital. = €16.6M) in 'paper value' if someone sells two shares and another someone buys two shares
- giving an overall trade of 4 (four) shares on the day
- at €0.205

So are Zamano shares a good buy?

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While my phone keypad was unlocked I unknowingly accessed Planet 3 on my 3 Mobile phone.

At the top of Planet 3 is an advert for FUNMOBILE. Again while my phone was unlocked this was selected and went through to the FUNMOBILE website. On the website there is only one link which is to subscribe. Shortly after this was accidentally pressed I received a text message from FUNMOBILE saying I had subscribed to their services at 4.50E a week and 1.50E a text message.

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