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Can't think of any pubs around Waterloo that might be showing the match but there are a few a 10 minute walk (or short cab ride) across the river in Covent Garden that might.

Try The Harp in Chandos Place, or further up the street in Maiden Lane is The Porterhouse. Ring them in advance as they mightn't have it either but may be able to let you know of other pubs in the area that do. (Assuming the person you talk to has actually heard of Kerry or Tyrone !)

You'll have plenty of time to get the tube from Waterloo to Kilburn. A five minute walk from here is The Kingdom and they will definitely have it with a good atmosphere.

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Lapin said:
Try The Harp in Chandos Place

Alhough the Harp is an excellent pub for real ale (I've been there many a time), they'll definitely not be showing it as there's no TV.

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Cheers Louche. I was only in there once.
Agree about the ale, keep meaning to call back.

Just thinkng about it now, I'm not sure if the Porterhouse has a tv either, but as I said, someone there might know somewhere else in the area showing the match. The Kingdom is a dead cert though.


The Porterhouse has tv's and puts the RTE coverage on so they might show it.

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Hi All,

Going to London at end of October. Any recommendations on reasonable hotel rates fairly close to city centre for 2 adults & 3 kids.



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schemingbohemia said:
Yeah that's hilarious why not just pay your fare and not be a muppet?

I was only going one stop.

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mystic86 said:

Can somebody recommend an Irish bar that will be showing the Kerry v Tyrone game (on TV3) on Saturday, in the Waterloo area or surrounding areas (I'll be finished at BFI Imax in Waterloo around 3 and the games throws in at 5).


How did you get on ?

Did you find a place to watch the game ?

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Planning an anniversary trip in London. Stayed at The G in Galway last year and loved the high-end style with a bit of fun and quirkiness to it. I know the G might be called a boutique hotel, but I consider boutique to be just another word for tiny. We prefer the larger anonymous hotels as the small ones can be just a bit too personal.

Any recommendations for a similar style hotel in London? Would be nice to be close to London centre but its not too much of an issue. While we're there we'll be lookign out for decent restaurants and probably go to the theatre. I'd also like to nerd up on some history and art galleries

Thanks all

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I'm going to London on Tuesday and want to see Wicked the musical in the Apollo Victoria. I've heard you can get cheap tickets on the day of the performance in the West End. Is this risky? Would I be better off just getting the tickets from ticketmaster in advance or would it be relatively easy to get them on the day? Any advice appreciated!

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If the show is on Tuesday, you have a much better chance of getting tickets on the actual day than you would on a weekend.

Here is a reply I gave to a similar thread recently. I hope its is of help.


Failing that, there is a green kiosk on the corner of Coventry St and Whitcombe street outside Pret A Manger and opposite KFC, McDonalds and the new M&M Store that sells last minute tickets for West End Shows.

Its about half way between Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square and only a couple of minutes walk from either of those tube stations.

I got tickets there a couple of times and never had a problem although I have heard some negative stories but I don't know how true they are.

Here is a handy guide to places selling tickets for West End Shows.
Shop around and don't allow yourself to get ripped off.

Enjoy the show !


High end? London?

Err, the Ritz, The Dorchester?

High end in London doesn't come cheap.


History and art, you seem to be into culture

If I were you I'd say at the newly opened St Pancreas Renaissance

It was an old hotel but shut down in the 1930's and was used as offices until they reopened last year

It's unusual, some rooms are on two floors, the bar is a pretty much like a railway terminal, corrugated glass roof
They took the best parts of the old railway hotel and kept them.

Quirky and interesting

But yeah, as said above top end London hotels don't come cheap, expect to pay at least 180 sterling a night here

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You know London's a bit bigger than Galway, right ? As Fred indicates, the higher end of 'high end' in London could set you back an average *annual* industrial wage for a weekend. You may need to give some indication of budget. How much is too much per night ? £1,000, £500, £250. That will give people an idea of what to pitch.

Leading Hotels of the World - - will give you some pointers. We ate at Browns as part of a package including tickets to an exhibition around the corner in the Royal Academy -, so there's your culture bit right there. The hotel itself didn't look like my sort of place to stay, but the restaurant was lovely and the food was delicious.

We stayed at the Langham on Portland Street - great location, expensive place, but we got a deal which involved a free room for the kids over mid-term so that made it a little better. They have a lovely lobby/lounge/dining room where you can happily spend an afternoon drinking in the atmosphere.


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We didn't stay at it, but the Marriott County Hall looks relatively quirky yet part of a chain. The hotel (and another one that I can't remember the name of) as well as apartments you can rent are located in the old London county Council chamber buildings.

We stayed across the road in the Park Plaza which was fine, but not great for an anniversary sort of place.


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I've been to an office in the old county hall and the hotel looks quite posh but quirky. Handy for gatwick as well.

I can't think of any overly romantic type hotels in London itself. They are usually out in the country, like the complete angler in Marlow.

The Hilton at Paddington might be worth a shout, handy for heathrow, nice rooms and a bit quirky.

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