Dave! Moderator

Hey folks,

I seem to recall recently seeing either a leaflet or an ad in a newspaper with a full page story about a new music store that opened in Tallaght... It would make sense that it was in the Tallaght Echo or somethin, but I can't find it after having rooted through the recycling bin!

Anyone know about this? Think they said it was in one of the industrial estates...

Just wanna know where it is, cos I need strings


Doctor J Registered User

At a guess, it's x-music in Ballymount, there are loads of threads about it.

MagicMarker Banned

Yeah, but if you just want Strings then there's a store in the Village. Shít store, but it saves traveling all the way out to the Red Cow.

Dave! Moderator

pretty sure it's not xmusic as I already knew about that...

And the store in Tallaght village closed down a couple of years ago!

Thanks for the suggestions though lads

CianRyan Registered User

If there was a new music store in Tallaght, i'm sure i'd of heard of it/seen it by now... hmmm

I'll keep an eye out, but i'd say it was probably xmusic.

I feel your pain for strings, the cheapness of the strings in xmusic is taken away by the fiver, it takes to get there and back.
The old shop was great for that, just up the road.

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Organeer Registered User

The ad in the Tallaght News was for Jimi's Music Store. It is in Ballymount Drive. Hope this helps.

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Dave! Moderator

That's the one, thanks alot

NoQuarter Registered User

Wheres ballymount drive?? and is the shop any good???

68 lost souls Registered User

Isnt that the shop that sells antique guitars? Heard about it but never visited it. Supposedly they have a loads of old fenders at ridiculous prices, as in those ebay auctions you see going for tens of thousands and the likes.

I could be wrong though. Would be worth checkig out I reckon.

Dave! Moderator

They have a website it seems


Yeah it's vintage guitars (and new ones)... I'm just looking for strings though, and their ad said they have them for a 5er, so can't go wrong really I'll check it out tomorrow

Cheers chaps!

btw Ballymount drive if I'm not mistaken is down 'the Dip' off the greenhills road... Heading towards Walkinstown it's one of the turns to the left

There's a map on the site anyways

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MagicMarker Banned

Well holy fúck, how long has that been there? And how did such a seemingly new & small store manage to get a website up? (i'm looking in your direction xmusic)

feylya Moderator

Looks like their only brand new (Established 2009). Considering they appear to be right beside X-Music, I wonder how they're going to survive... They've taken on X-Music's opening time attitude:

Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday, 10am - 6pm (usually)

Dave! Moderator

Yeah the ad was only in the paper a few days ago, so presumably it's brand new

Worth a look anyway! Was p*ssed off when the Village shop closed, was so handy for strings etc.

Can't see this one lasting long tbh if the village one had to close, and since their main focus is on vintage stuff ! Plus as you say, they have to compete with Xmusic as well

Welease Registered User

Well in fairness to X-Music most of his site is also awaiting updates on stock

He also seems incredibly expensive on the "vintage" stuff....

yevveh Registered User

They're only open a few weeks, my dad works right by it so he rang me the day they opened. I was in there chatting to one of the guys (Herbie I think), it's quite a nice place. All the stuff is genuine, there are some things in there you just can't see anywhere else. I thought they were crazy opening up so close to X-Music but clearly it's a totally different line of stock

Plus, we practise in my dad's place... very handy if we break a string

if any of you call in, check out the bass with the rubber strings... It's quite interesting!

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