Hogzy Registered User

Would you consider 23 mid 20's?

HarryPalmer Registered User

No. It's 25.

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Would you consider never coming on the internet again please

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HarryPalmer Registered User

I would, but that would only make you happy.
OP, don't worry about mid-twenties, because there is no real and noticeable difference between a person aged twenty-one and another aged twenty-eight (even if you think there is)... worry about mid-thirties. That's when it all kicks in. Just lay back and enjoy your youth.

alexandros Registered User


seamus Dental Plan!

Early - 1, 2 & 3
Mid - 4, 5 & 6
Late - 7, 8 & 9

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dSTAR Registered User

Would you consider 23 mid 20's?

OK its bedtime for you kiddo.

Night night.

SoupyNorman Registered User

Hmmm, when you actually put abit of thought into the thought that went into the reasoning behind this thread you get a sharp stabbing pain in your brain.

emeraldstar Registered User

23? No way, that's early twenties..

Mrmoe Registered User

Are we talking about dog years here?


thats early 20s

stardust_dublin Registered User

no 23 is early twenties....but once you hit 25, thats a quarter of a century i dont wanna get old few years to go before i hit 25 yet though luckily.

up them Schteps Registered User

I know the OP, he's just addicted to boards and loves to write about trivial topics. And complains about everything

cnocbui Registered User

It really isn't difficult:

20-23 early twenties

24-26 mid twenties

27-29 late twenties

Creamy Goodness Registered User

i have a spare busy at maths 3 book if you want it, pm me.

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