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My knee specialist informed me I have a tear on my meniscus and a cartilege tear aswell after seeing an MRI scan.

Has anyone else had this problem and if so who did they get to do the surgery if surgery was needed?



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Hi Rui7. Welcome to boards

I've edited your post to remove the names of the surgeons/specialists.

If people here have direct experience of this type of injury - they can choose to respond and share that experience.

You will appreciate we have to be careful about naming or recommending individuals in the medical field, especially if there are statements made about the quality of care provided.

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I've had cartilage damage for years, no surgery yet. I guess it just depends on how bad the damage really is.

Why advice did you get from a physio if any? My physio told me that she would refer me to a consultant if I wanted, but it wasn't really necessary. She told me straight out that if I went to see a consultant he would operate, thats what they do.

I am relativly pain free at the moment as i have done tons of work to strengthen the muscles around the knee.

Take your physios advice whatever it is.

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Tore my meniscus playing football over a year ago. I had an operation in Jan 2008, tear was in the centre on the cartliage so part of it had to be removed and not stitched up which would have been the surgeons preferred option.

Anyway operation went well, was back walking on it in a couple of days. Your best bet is to go and get an mri done and see a specialist. I was back playing football in April 2008, after rehab with a physio etc....

All in all i had a pretty quick recovery but i did have a fair bit of the cartliage removed, which could cause some problems for me when i get older.

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Had mine removed last August. The most important thing is the psysio after, it will definately help the recovery. Still have the odd pain. You will be more at risk of arthritis in the future.

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thanks for all the replies.

I first starting getting pain in my knee back in 2005/2006. I played astro turf soccer regularly before that.

At first I thought I had a condition called runners knee because I was experiencing all the symptoms of that condition.

In 2006 I got an MRI scan done and went to see the top knee specialist in ireland (cant mention name on forum). He told me there was slight damage and told me to continue on as normal but if the problem persisted to consider surgery.

So after that I continued playing soccer and because no major damage showed up on the MRI scan, I presumed the knee pain must be a result of having the condition runners knee. So I went to see how to go about treating runners knee and met a few different physios between now and 2006. All were highly recognised physios yet none of them ever suspected I had a torn meniscus. They all told me i had flat feet and needed to improve leg muscles and get orthotics made up. I thought this would cure me from my knee pain but it didnt and 3 custom orthotics later and numerous physio visits (loads of money!!) I decided to go to a different knee specialist and get a new MRI scan done. This was a few weeks ago and this new knee specialist told me I had multiple complex tears on my meniscus and he recommended surgery.

So over the past 2-3 years since 2006 Ive thought i had runners knee but in fact I had a torn meniscus and have been playing soccer etc on that. I never went back to my first knee specialist as I presumed i had runners knee which all the physios I saw suggested too.

Ive decised to go back to the first knee specialist and get a final opinion from him on the latest MRI scan. I wont be able to see him till june.

I have continued to play soccer and I still go to the gym. I prob shouldnt be playing soccer on the knee but I have been for the last 2-3 years so the damage has been done!!

I've read the worst case scenario is when they take the whole meniscus out and your left with a 1 way ticket to arthritis in your later years. I suffer from knee pain daily, the pain varies from mild to severe depending on what Im doing. For all I know I could have arthritis already and ive worn away all the cartilege. I wont know for definite untill the knee specialist goes in there and takes a look. Im hoping he can mend it up without having to take the whole thing out. If he suggests taking the whole meniscus out I may just opt not to have it done and continue on as normal. The thoughts of bone on bone does not appeal to me at all!



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My knee's have always clicked.

But the last 2 - 3 months (I think around the time I started playing indoor soccer but I stress it may have been before this) my right knee has been constantly clicking and under pressure.

When ever I'm sitting I'm constantly stretching out my leg (prob less than every 5 mins) to click my knee because pressure builds up. When I walk I feel pressure too but not as much as when I'm relaxed.

Before I stated playing soccer I did no exercise at all, working in an office for the past 2 years.

What could be wrong with my knee is it the same as Rui7's problem. Thinking about going seeing someone about it.

Who would I be better off seeing? A physio, doctor, knee specialist?


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hblock21 said:

What could be wrong with my knee is it the same as Rui7's problem. Thinking about going seeing someone about it.

Who would I be better off seeing? A physio, doctor, knee specialist?


If you have concerns, and need medical advice - Your doctor is best placed to give you that advice.

See your GP - good luck!

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hblock21 said:
My knee's have always clicked.

crepitis should always be checked out by a doctor!

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my advice would be to go to a good knee specialist and get an MRI scan done beforehand so the specialist can check it out and see whats going on inside your knee. No point going to a doc or physio because all they will do eventually is refer you to a specialist so you'll be paying doc fees on top of specialist fees.

If your on VHI then that will cover an MRI scan and you can claim back tax/fees on consultants fees too.

Dont let the injury linger on because everytime you walk on your legs you are causing the injury to get worse. so the sooner you get to the root of the problem and sort it out the better off you'll be in the long run!! Believe me, I wish I could turn the clock back now. The meniscus will not heal itself so the more it gets damaged the harder it is too reverse that damage.

hope that helps


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Here is a link to article in NY Times about the link between MRI scans, meniscal tear and knee surgery (and back pain). It is not necessarily good news but more knowledge on the area is a good thing.

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yeah that has been worrying me, that i may in fact have arthritis in my knee. Ive been having pain the last 3-4 years so there is a chance that my cartilege has worn away and the pain is a result of bone on bone movement. hopefully not! I think even doing an arthroscopy on the knee can show up what exactly is going on in there. My knee specialist actually told me until het gets in there with a scope, he wont know what exactly is causing the knee pain and it could contracdict what the scan showed up.

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Hey, just googled meniscus tear and stumbled acrross this place. Looks like there are a few more out there who have had trouble with the meniscus.
Just wondering if anyone has ideas on the cost of Surgery for this injury (or to see a specialist for that matter)?
I left my Insurance lapse whilst abroad a couple of years ago so am not covered and wondering if anyone of you guys could help.
Recently did the damage in a hurling game and got the MRI results today. Still have not seen a specialist but am fairly sure in my own mind that surgery is required.

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hey bad,
My knee trouble went on for 2-3 years. I had visited numerous physios and doctors but I was always given a different reason for my knee pain. After one mri scan, a specialist who I cant name looked at the scan and said he could only see minor damage and if the problem persisted I could chose surgery. Hearing this I presumed the problem mustnt have been my knee but my flat feet which a few of the physios said was the reason i had knee pain. So after insoles and new runners the pain continued. Finally the pain became so bad i had to get another MRI scan done. I couldnt walk at times, going up and down stairs was hard and sitting into the car was painful. Also sitting in the cinema was hard. all signs of a meniscus tear! I saw a different specialist and he checked out the new MRI scan. He said there were numerous tears in the meniscus and some were quite complex. In the end i decided for the first specialist to carry out surgery on the knee. I had health insurance and the costs were up to 4000 euro. I was in a private hospital though so a public may be cheaper but you cud be waiting. My advice is to get a specialist to check the MRI scan and if theres a tear (big or small) get surgery on it because if you leave it the tear will progress and more damage will be done over time which cant be reversed. The sooner the tear is clipped and cleaned up the better. Im back playing soccer,running cycling etc now after a year and alot of gym work but the knee still isnt 100%, it pops and clunks all the time and still gets sore at times after alot of twisting but nowhere near the pain b4 the surgery. Hope that helps!

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I have had the meniscus tear in my knee. Basically got Key hole surgery where the part with the tear was removed. That was about June last year and since have had no problems since. You are back up walking right after but it takes at least 3 months before you can do anything in terms of running or anything like that. Probably need to have the same procedure done on the other knee now.

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