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Anyone remember these from the 80s in primary school ? What were they all in aid of, was it some government survey at the time to see how thick we were or was it just to scare us ****less going to bed the day before them ?
I gather they're still going on btw, I would love to see some sample questions of the time.


I remember the maths part had 1+5=? Was the Micro-T the same thing or just what it is called these days? Mam is a teacher, must find out.

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Wow what a load of cock. Those tests can bend over and take my cock in their tight insecure homo-denying ass


Mid 90s as well. I think Sigma T was the maths one and Micra T or Micro T the english/verbal one.

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MICRA-T was Mary Immaculate College something something Test, they were just standardised tests schools could get you to and get marked externally to prevent teacher bias.

I did, and did quite well in the second class ones when in junior infants and the school offered to let me skip a year but my mam wouldn't let me cause I was the second youngest in my class as it was. <annoyed kid mode> All the cool kids were a year ahead of me. Thanks mam </annoyed kid mode>

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The Drumcondra tests are certainly still alive and kicking, my sis got assessed when she started secondary school in 2006. I remember getting them myself.

I'm not sure if this was the Drumcondra test or another one but I remembered getting some test in primary school where it showed illustrations of objects saying "what is this?" with three multiple choice answers. The one I specifically remember was a drawing of an egg, the choices were: a) fun, b) egg, or c) sit

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MYOB said:
MICRA-T was Mary Immaculate College Reading Assessment Test

Still used in senior classes in schools and the SIGMA-T, that is the maths one. Standardised diagnostic tests. And a pain in the ass to administer and correct!

I remember the big deal about them, one was red and one was blue. The person beside you had a slightly different one to prevent cheating. I thought they were piss easy.

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It was my job to lock the windows at the end of the day so one day i left one open and later on when the school was empty i got in and ripped up all the drumcondra tests. Thats what you get for not noticing my dyslexia sooner you bastards.

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Lil Kitten said:
I remember the big deal about them, one was red and one was blue. The person beside you had a slightly different one to prevent cheating..

hah! no it didn't. I remember helping out the kid beside me with his one (I was a so called "clever" kid and he was one of those kids who'd leave class to get extra help with english).

It involved me reading his entire story and telling him the answers (something about a girl and her birthday or something...).You have to ask what the teacher was doing during all this .

Primary school was fun...at times.


I loved these tests. I wish all tests were like these.

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