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Tag Aquaracer - Calibre 5, WAN2110.BA0822

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peasant Moderator

obligatory wrist shot

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MediaTank Registered User

The SAS - Sea model divers watch

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Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Nice looking watch there MT

Nolimits Registered User

I got home from work today and I found I had missed a delivery and could collect it tomorrow, I went online but it was bugging me that my watch (that I ordered about a month ago) was sitting just a few minutes away and I couldn't get it until tomorrow, so I rang them to see if there was any chance I could get it today.
They said yes.
It's an Oris Willams 2008 day date

Sorry it's a bit blurry

The inner box

A mate of mine is a photography student, he wants to use the watch for a project where he has to make an advertisement so I'll have some professional pictures in a few days, he has a studio booked for Friday.

This also brings this thread to an end

Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Niiiice. IMHO Looks better in the flesh than in the pic you posted on the other thread. Love the box

Mitch Buchannon Registered User

I like the wedge shaped date window. Its quite unusual.

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Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

+1. Looks almost 70's, but not if you know what I mean?

peasant Moderator

Very nice watch, wouldn't mind that myself ...except for the see through hour bars ...the visible bits of date wheel are a bit weird, tbh

Fey! Registered User

It's become almost a bit of a fetish, but nothing too expensive amongst them!

Sorry about some of the picture qualities.

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Wibbs Je suis un Rock star

Right Fey!, be careful ya don't get banned for advertising your new watch shop biz.

That's some collection alright. Nice one. Like the one on the fifth row down on the extreme right.

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Fey! Registered User

Thanks Wibbs.

I can put up the watches from the shop if you want, but they're all antiques (or at least old)!!

That watch is a Nautica that I picked up on my first trip to Poland nearly 5 years ago. It came in a cool metal case with an LED penlight (complete with pen) and a small pair of binoculars. It has 2 watches (which you can set to different times), date, and a compass. Fortunately I wear my watch on my right hand, so I don't keep stabbing myself with the buttons! As far as I remember it cost around €250 at the time, and was also available in orange, which looked great.

Here are a couple on ebay. (I hope that it's OK to link them; they're nothing to do with me).

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Homer Registered User

Picked up this in NY at the weekend

Was in one of those outlet malls admittedly but the RRP was $695 and they had a clearance sale and I picked it up for $150

Here's a link to an indépendant review that lists the price at between $650-$725 so well happy!

Will upload some proper pics with the DSLR later on when I get a chance.

Website is First time seeing this brand but some lovely watches so may look for another on my next trip!

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Homer Registered User

some high res pictures..

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