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Won this beauty on ebay today - another 92 Eggle Berlin Pro - I just couldn't help myself - I've been GASing over it all week. I love my 92 "Salmon" (ok its actually known as Pink Glow) Berlin Pro, but man the sun burst just gets me . The typical Berlin Pro "in my mind" was always a sun burst (think this was known as cherry burst in the day). With a bit of luck I'll have it by Wednesday and please [deity] it arrives in one piece.

Damn you ebay!



My first and only guitar, fixed up thanks to the people here on this forum

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So I've had it since April but forgot to post them... She;s great. The 57's are a lot warmer than the pups in my LP Standard and the Bigsby is great even if it doesn't quite stay in tune - I need to take off the factory strings and re-string it right. the best thing is the 50's neck - I love it! and it looks amazing in my opinion.

On the look out for an SG Classic, Firebird. Fender Jag and Les Paul Recording. I'd say watch this space but it'll probably take me years to get the cash together!!!

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Few shots of the clan:

Sorry if the pics are too big, I can edit if it's a problem.

Before you ask, the sparkly explorer - got a good deal (not surprised says you), it plays and sounds very nice. Would I be seen outside the house with it? Hell no. Long term plan is to sand off the finish and have a nice natural explorer but we'll see

Vim Fuego Registered User

Some more shots of the sparkplorer and some other stuff:

That's everything bar my first crappy Encore strat and my wonderful Jasmine By Takamine acoustic guitar. The black les paul style guitar is an ESP JH-3 which is going to put the (future) children through college if I'm ever forced to put it up on eBay. Got some close-up sparkle shots for ye too

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Here's a few from the collection I finally got around to snapping today :

The_g-man Registered User

Part two for the pics:

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I don't know if this pic is clear enough, but there's guitar volume, 3 eq controls and synth volume for the midi output. Above that there's a mid-selector and program up and down for controlling patches in a guitar synth unit.

The other two are a Country Gent by Johnson I've fitted with GFS Dream 90 pickups, and an Eastwood Delta 6 Resonator.

The Godin I picked up on chrisguitars, and the other two right here on adverts.

Voodu Child (Slight Return)

Obligatory couch shots!

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here's the collection bar one or two

fender telesonic,squier tele project,reverend wolfman(kinda hidden)
us strat project,american ash tele,SG standard,epi sorrento W/ bigsby,gibson es-135 sunburst,gibson wm-45,martin 000-15

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Sorry about the truly **** picture quality, just an old picture I found on my phone, photo's missing another PRS, two bass guitars and my Collings OM-2H. I'll take some nice pics soon and put them up

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Voodu Child (Slight Return)

Some Ibanez RG's....I quite like 'em apparently

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Been playing the trading game recently...


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That is all.

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New Bacchus in the house


Havent got round to taking any photo's of my own yet, been too busy playing

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