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I bought a bass in Xmusic yesterday. Cort Artisan B4. Here's a few photos. Best I could take using my brother's camera. I couldn't find my dad's one this morning

And here's a photo of it beside the bass I have been using that belongs to our drummer

Apologies for the quality of the photos

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boycey Registered User

Its a Spunior!!
Basically its a heavily modded '68 SG Junior, changed to SG Special specs.
Nothing original left on it really, the tuners were replaced with newer Klusons, the single P90 was swapped out for a pair of Bareknuckles and the vibrola removed altogether, theres a Gotoh wrap-around on there now. Its been re-fretted too. Its light as a feather and plays real nice. I'm liking it so far!
It cost me the same as a new Standard, so it aint no collectors piece!

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punchdrunk Registered User

...me new plank

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dazberry Registered User

My last 2 purchases, a 1992 Patrick Eggle New York Standard in USA Blue, and a 1992 New York Plus in Shamu Blue???. NY+ has a maple top


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jarain Registered User

My newest acquisition:

Schecter Stiletto Diamond C-4

Active 2 band EQ, 34 Inch Scale, 24 frets, Emg HZ Pick-Ups. Definately the slimmest, fastest neck I have ever played on a bass. You can fly around it in no time.

Really light comfortable body. It sounds very nice, very different to anything else that I own, its very clear and punchy but it has a very very slightly compressed element to the sound that I don't love but seemingly that can be solved by modding the the the battery compartment and running it @ 18 volts.

Impulse buy but very happy with it

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kranog Registered User

does it have to be axes?
I'll take pix of them all another time...for now though...my drums!

My first kit...it's a Dixon Jazz kit - cheap, cheerful and punchy...I love it!
Paiste PST5 cymbals, Pearl Ultracast snare...

And my pride and joy...
Pearl Masters Mahogany Classic Limited Edition
Very few of these kits in the world - this is essetially a Mastes prototype - before they called them "Masters".
6-ply African Mahogany shells, Tama Star classic G-Maple snare, Pearl Firecracker popcorn snare, Dixon rack, Eliminator double pedal and Zildjian Z Custom cymbals...

Guitars to follow!

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sean6477 Registered User

My strat and reso.

Randy Shafter Registered User




My Squire Fender Tele
Epiphone DR-100
Roland Cube 30

evil-yoda Registered User

heres mine! not great, i'm in the process of saving for a RG2550

Dr Hfuhruhurr Registered User

My Fender Richie Kotzen Sig.. + Rivera 45 Clubster

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westdublin Registered User

My Yamaha FG180 and my new Gibson J200

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smur89 Registered User

My MIA Fender Jazz.
Rickenbacker 4001
Ampeg SVT 4x10HLF
Ampeg SVT-4Pro
T.RACKS PC 200 (Power Conditioner)
Korg DTR-2000 Rack tuner

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FruscianteFan Registered User

Here is a Tele that I made (not assembled from parts, made completely by me)!!

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Dangerous Man Registered User

First is an Eastwood Airline Town & Country

Next is a Tanglewood TWS28 or as I lovingly call it 'The Flyswatter' due to an unforunate accident it was involved in (one of many in fact.)

It's getting serious now - a Gretsch 6131T - Jet Firebird. It's modded with a TruArc stainless steel bridge (the first one in Ireland, in fact.)

Now we have another Tanglewood - this is the long discontinued, but excellent TW39 - semi-acoustic with Fishman Prefix Plus preamp system, gold grovers and beautiful abalone inlays.

This next one is a real workhorse - my Fender Highway 1 Stratocaster - a 2003 first year model in the rare cocoa brown colour. It is modded with a Callaham 'S' model Bridge assembly, trem block and bar and a Fender moto 4-ply pickguard.

Last but by no means least is another Fender - this a Fender Highway 1 Telecaster. Only one minor mod on this one - a Stew Mac electro jack socket to replace the stock one.

My amps are an ENGL screamer 50 combo and a Fender Frontman 25R. I couldn't be bothered taking pics of 'em! :-)

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That Masters Mahaogony looks the business Kranog.

Anyhow, after a few weeks of hunting for the nest kit, i've found this -

Its a Pearl SBX Session Studio. Very nice kit for the price i paid.

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