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Get it off your chest!.

What do you hate about Dublin?. What do you love even or what would you change.

Where's the worse neighbourhood you've lived in, where would you not live (me, I'd pick Ballyfermot & Finglas).

The thread will be closed Sunday night/Monday morning.

Rules - personal abuse will get you banned from the forum for 3 days - no if's, but's or maybe's - YOUR GONE. Same applies to racial slur's (use a little cop-on with this one ok!).

Try to keep it more on the light hearted side, taking into account that come Monday were all friends again

(I'm gonna regret this one I think, but there's an under current of tension here me finks ).

Degsy Banned

I fcuckin hate the empty-headed female morons that seem to infest the southside at the moment.
They usually have orange faces,are always on the phone,carry coffee everywhere and cannot string two words together witthout saying the word "like".
"So it was like,i was like..hello,like?"
Idiots the lot of them.

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sunnyjim Registered User

I hate that I hardly know any of my new neighbours who've moved in over the past 4 years. Maybe it was just easier when I was small, 'cause I'd have been hanging out with their kids or something!

Another rant - cycle lanes. They are full of stones, ****, oil, branches. I'm going through an inner tube a week!


Dog ****! How is it that approximately 0% of dog owners clean up after them and think that this is acceptable?

Degsy Banned

Stupid bastards playing crappy chipmunk music on thier poxy phones on the bleeding bus.

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sillysasauge Awaiting Email Confirmation

i hate all the foreigners tbh

shrapnel222 Registered User

i hate the drummies an D4 clones.

i hate finglas around cappagh.

i hate the litterbugs. how hard is it to put stuff in a bin?

CianRyan Registered User

I hate the luas, it always smells like sweat and has people drinking/smoking(some time hash) on it. The Tallaght line anyway.

I hate that the bus prices have gone up, i know its only by 20c, but when you have to use the bus as much as me it really starts to get annoying.

I hate that i can't walk through town with out some scumbag giving me greif.

I hate the attitude of the security gaurds in the Stevens Green shopping center, and i hate one of them in particular, i have my reasons.

I that its one of the only big European cities where you can get aressted for skating.

There's a lot i hate about Dublin, but tbh, none of this matters because the pros VASTLY out weight the cons.

jaffa20 Registered User

Moved out of the kip this week. I hate Dublin

Yuck, the crowds, the traffic, public transport.

I moved to Greystones. I love Wicklow

Ah, the country side, sea, beach, friendly athmosphere.

Still have to travel to the hell hole for work though

craiginireland Registered User

I hate that the first sign of rain/wind/snow is an instant excuse to close the city down, clog up the roads, no ones going anywhere.

I also hate the mindset of a lot of Dubs to moan about stuff yet if they have the ability to change whatever they moan about - they just couldn't be bothered. Apathy grrrrrr moaning is a passtime round these parts.

spurious Category Moderator

I hate that Dublin has been pwned by JC Decaux.

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acontadino Banned

sillysasauge said:
i hate all the foreigners tbh

get a life you clown

Makikomi Registered User

sillysasauge said:
i hate all the foreigners tbh

See ya Monday.

acontadino said:
get a life you clown

See ya Monday.



Where's the love?

I object the OP reference to Ballyc and Finglas as places not to live. Labelling 60 odd thousand people or whatever it is as undesirable beings ain't just on

What I do hate about Dublin is..

Ponces who have lived in ivory towers and when they move to the Docklands for example, they have not a clue what the peasants endure daily.
Junkies and skangers who act like scum, get rid of them, it destroys Dublin's friendly image. You never see skangers on the continent!

What i love about Dublin is..

The overwhelming friendliness of meeting a stranger where one could strike up a conversation about anything and they could be your best friend, now that does not happen anywhere else that often outside this island?

pcardin Registered User

sillysasauge said:
i hate all the foreigners tbh


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