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Hi lads,

Anyone out there using ISA 2005 & IE7 & WPAD???

Lads here were rolling out IE7 to the XP clients and we find a weird issue with the behaviour of IE7 on certain sites.

Most sites are fine but a few we've come across cause IE7 to 'forget' it's cached proxy settings (retreived using wpad). Once the problem site opens, clicking a link within the site make IE7 use a direct connection to the web.....causing that to fail. (Confirmed using tcpview.exe)

You can actually open a second IE window and that will use a direct connection too?

If we use firefox that's fine. IE6 is fine. Chrome is fine.
Just IE7??

Manually entering the proxy info is not really an option. is an example.
First page is fine but if you click the "Weekly Offers" we get the issue described above.

Manually inputting the proxy settings and the komplett site is fine.

Hope I'm clear.
Any idea guys??

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