Unshelved Registered User

Spotted a pair of jeans in Wallis in Grafton Street last week - Irish price €55, sterling price £35 (only pair of jeans in the shop with the sterling price left on). That's quite a markup - and I did complain in the shop.

However, you can get around this. Try on the clothes in the shop. Then go to www.wallis.co.uk and buy - you pay normal sterling prices plus £5 delivery to Ireland. There doesn't seem to be a limit on how much is delivered for £5.

It's no wonder that there was nobody in the shop while I was there. The sterling markup is ridiculous. Vote with your feet (by shoping in NI) or with your mouse (by shopping online).

Lumi Category Moderator

I do exactly the same thing because I'm fed up being ripped off by the whole sterling prices thing I try the clothes on in shops here and then order online from the UK.

Redpunto Registered User

did they not go into liquidation yesterday?

wmpdd3 Registered User

Am no, reference?

the groutch Registered User

Burton's are also good for this trick

_Coco_ Registered User

Same for Dorothy Perkins, I bought a suit in Ireland for €100 but then realised i could get it for £59 including postage online. It worked out at €70, I returned it the next day and passed no apology for my reasoning. I felt bad that inevitably this is type of thing may lead to the closure of shops in Ireland but really they should look to closing the gap between sterling and euro prices here.

orchidsrpretty Registered User

You can also do this for Monsoon. I saw a dressed I loved in there for 210E. Was on their co.uk site for 110GBP. This was when 1GBP almost equaled 1E.

Laura Fennelly Registered User

Wallis online have a 20% sale on everything at the moment and if you spend over £75 delivery is free. I bought a dress on line for which I saw in Wallis in Dublin for €65, it cost me £32 (€37.20).
Wallis in Ireland would want to bring their prices down, they are ripping us off here.

JP Liz Registered User

20% off online today

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