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robtri said:
dear god...... what the hell is this person thinking... €14k for that....

Lexus lights & Camry wheel trims, and I rekon she'd be a stunner

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Hotwheels Registered User

I think that's for the showroom behind it

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fitzgeme Glorious Master Race

Went to see that car by accident the other weekend, if you think the price is high you should see how low my tradein offer was. Salesman kept telling me why my car was not worth any money, on and on and on. Got a bit miffed and left. They do have a supercharged petrol rangerover sport that is a good price however, but a bit thirsty for my likes.

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I really like that G-Wagen. I'm not sure I'd buy it if money were no option but I'm sure a serious collector would think it worthy of a quid or two.

Terrontress Registered User

Or maybe not. Appears to have done the rounds Quite a bit less expensive in Sterling too.

Apparently it was a standard G, modified by the Turkish embassy in Dublin.

Not sure how keen I'd be if it is not a factory job.

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Terrontress said:

Not sure how keen I'd be if it is not a factory job.

Defo not factory, more likely done by a company like this.

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Homer said:
former Embassy car Bullet Proof

Maybe somebody in the Dublin or Limerick ghettos with spare cash might be interested

ha ha ha not a hope, that's not shiny and bling enough for limerick, it's all X5s and 630is down here.


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