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Hi Guys, Im hoping someone can shed some light on this.
I got a Nokia N95, vodafone handset recently, and after sending it back to the MPRC (as its still in warranty) I had my uncle, who is a vodafone customer, call their customer care team and retrieve the NUC code.

Ive applied this code absolutely fine, and its told me that the Sim restriction is off. So Ive popped in an 02 sim card, and rebooted, only to be told the Sim registration has failed, same story with a meteor sim card. Vodafone cards, never the less, work aok.

Ive ruled out the simreader to be broken, Im just wondering, if the code was applied (I've verified the code with the vodafone customer care team) shouldnt all sim cards, regardless of network work on this phone? Vodafone customer care have pretty much exhausted all scenarios, like hard reset of the phone etc, and have advised me to upgrade to the latest FW; problem being that the phone itself is currently upgraded to the latest firmware when it came back from the MPRC.

At this stage, im wondering what options I have left, any advise would be greatly appreciated as im at the end of my tether with it!

Thanks in advance



There is more than one unlocking code. I believe that Nokias can have up to 7 locks in use. So the code you used did not unlock the critical lock.

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the message you get when you put the wrong sim into a locked N95 is invalid sim not sim registration failed and you wouldn't be able to use the phone at all, that message would be the only thing on the screen

Sim registration failed usually happens if the sim is old, so try a few different sims or get a replacement sim

Another possibility is that the handset has been blacklisted, ie o2 and meteor think the handset is stolen

Also the handset might be faulty and not recognising certain sims but whatever the problem is i can tell you it's not related to it being locked

Columba Rad Banned

You only have 3 unlock code tries on Nokias since 2004.

If you input the code correctly and you got the "Sim restriction is off", that's all you can do, the phone should be unlocked. I'd say the problem is with the phone itself.

Bring it to MPRC again and tell them your problem and give them a copy of the code you used.

The only other possible problem is that the phone has been blacklisted/barred. If the phone doesn't work with sim from the original network, more than likely it's blacklisted/barred.

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Hi Sam Vines/Bond

Thanks for the heads up guys. Yeah, Ive tried another 2 brand new unopened 02 sims, along with a new meteor - even have tried a turbosim - all to no avail.

It would appear at this stage, after Sam's advice to be a faulty phone, but the MPRC reckoned it was all thoroughly tested to manufacturers standards!

Thanks for the help guys!


RossD1983 Registered User

Update: Just off the phone from the MPRC, gave them the job number, and they reckon that its nothing to do with the hardware, as they tested it and flashed it - theyve recommended me go back to Vodafone, (which ive already done) to reconfirm the NUC (which ive already done

Not really sure where I can go from here with this - again, any advice appreciated.




You will need to check with the other networks to see if it is blacklisted.

RossD1983 Registered User

Ok, rang 02 - and its been blacklisted. Vodafone would not tell me this information ironically. To the best of my knowledge vodafone sims work in this phone fine, I dont have one to hand, and havent checked it since getting it back from the MPRC. Hypothetically, do you guys think that a vodafone sim *should* work in a blacklisted phone - just other networks would not?

Vodafone have also categorically told me that theres nothing they can do with whitelisting this phone, which is fair enough, but cant tell me if a Voda sim will work.

TerrorFirmer Registered User

If a phone is blacklisted, it would not register on any Irish network? Very strange that it still works on Vodafone (this phone is question was actually mine, and was tested with voda sims, and seemed to work OK; still can't believe the set of balls on the guy who sold it to me on adverts).

My phone battery died (went with the N71 as a phone this time round absolute POS ) hence why I didn't get back to you about this earlier but at the worst, I console myself in the knowledge that if its blacklisted here it should still work fine in the UK/on the continent and should be worth a good amount on ebay. Given that it's 100% fine from a hardware perspective at least.

All this would have been avoided if I'd just hung onto my original Silver N95 when I had it...

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