anniehoo Registered User

Anyone any ideas how to do this please?

Pherekydes Registered User

Which IU is it? What substance?

europerson Registered User

IUs are International Units, a measurement used in pharmacology. I don't think there can be milli-IUs though...


Anyone want to suggest a forum for this topic? Lost here I think.

anniehoo Registered User

Its TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone)...i posted in medicine and biology so i think thats a better forum thanks! I have a TSH result of 0.04 ng/ml but can only find human reference ranges of mIU/L and wanted to convert it.

red_fox Registered User

I don't know the numbers you need but if there's A ng in a mIU and B ml in a L (I assume that B=1000, L being litre) then multiply your 0.04 by B/A.

Also if you only have say C mIU in a ng then multiply by B*C as in this case A=1/C. Sorry if that's unclear.

shakiki Registered User

conversion for prolactin
ng/mL*21.2 = mIU/L

RoundTower Registered User

this is the first time I've actually thought "here's a problem for Wolfram Alpha"

It failed

The information is there if you dig a little though

edit: the info for TSH isn't actually there, only for insulin

Fremen Registered User

WolPha... Ralpha... Walpha...
whatever it's going to be known as, it has a long way to go. Lots of failures as soon as you get off the beaten track.

Edit: I just typed "wolfram alpha" into wolfram alpha. Under "people involved", it lists only Stephen Wolfram. He's an even bigger cock than I thought.


Haha, brilliant. I'm sure he done it all himself

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