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i am a BIG fan of all things fancy dress and always jump at the chance to go to costumed events....however that means i am always on the lookout for a new costume!!

for my next costume i want to go as a space-girl....but sort of 1950's B-Movie basically i am looking for a gold space dress!! and accessories!!

would the costume shop have anything like this?
i would love something with hoops in it like this but in gold

Appreciate any help,
Bootz Ronan Verified representative

Hi giddybootz,

Hmmm, thats a difficult one. I don't think we have anything that really matches what your after. The closest thing from any of our suppliers would have to a space girl is:


Let me know if there is anything else i can help you with.

giddybootz Registered User

thanks for that...i am after ordering the dress in my above post but i was thinking of maybe wearing that gold cat suit under much is it? Aine Verified representative

Hi Giddy Bootz

Its Aine from the costume shop, That cat suit would look really cool underneath the dress.
The price of the gold cat suit is €42.99. We would you need it for?

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