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Odaise Gaelach said:
My housemate and I tried to watch Happiness this evening. I think you have to be in a certain mindset to watch it. It being a lazy Saturday evening, we definitely weren't in that mindset.

Halfway through Happiness we gave up and watched Frost/Nixon instead.

You should give defo give it another try, its an excellent film, though difficult to watch at times I'd agree, I'd also recommend its sort of sequel "Life During Wartime" another great, offbeat film:

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MagicMarker Banned

Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas - Depps best role imo, although I haven't seen all his movies.

Tipsy McSwagger Registered User

The Help - Predictable but watchable. It should never have been nominated for best film at the Oscars either. 6/10

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Darko said:
Check out Flight of the Red Balloon from Hsiao-hsien Hou. It's quite similar to the Red Balloon and pays tribute a number of times. It's on Netflix and is a nice, light piece of cinema that will leave you with a smile on your face.

I saw it when it was out in the cinema a few years ago. I recall liking it, but only remember small details about it.

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The Big Year:

Wasn't a fan of this at all. Despite Steve Martin, Owen Wilson and Jack Black as the main characters, I say I laughed about 3 times during the course of it.

It was a pretty wasted opportunity to be honest.

Young Adult:

Pretty enjoyable overall but quite sad in that Charlize Theron's character just can't seem to let go of the past and move on.

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Pretty decent and heart warming.

Safe House:

Decent enough action film. Not ground breaking but it's pretty well shot. Very fast paced. Slightly like the way 'The Bourne Ultimatum' was shot.

The action scenes are decent but
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Judgement Day said:
Like "TT - Closer to the Edge" go and see the real thing it's even better.

See it, sod that, I want to ride the bleedin thing now and I really hate being on motorbikes.

Finneen Banned

Pom pom girls - high-school movie from the 1970s. Dire stuff.

crazygeryy Closed Account

Pom pom girls - high-school movie from the 1970s. Dire stuff.

You mean the title wasnt a giveaway?lol

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AssaultedPeanut Registered User

Watched Antichrist tonight, all I can say is WTF

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craftypaddy Closed Account

boondock saints 1 and 2, dont know how these slipped past me, two good films, bit far fetched but still worth a watch

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That_Guy Registered User

The Raven:

Very enjoyable film. Reminded me of a mix between Sherlock Holmes and Saw an awful lot. Very good mystery thriller and I accidentally burst out laughing in the cinema when a shocked audience member behind me shouted out "oh fúcking hell" really loudly during the

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Very good "whodunit" film and a pretty good performance from John Cusack. Think a less flamboyant but more manic version of Sherlock Holmes.

Very enjoyable and well worth a watch.

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clappyhappy Registered User

Watched Margin Call a few nigt ago. Great cast Kevin Spacey, Jeremy Irons, Demi Moore, the guy from the mentalist. About a risk management company and investment banking going wrong, really enjoyed it, excellent movie.

Sugarlumps Registered User

Boogie Nights – Surprisingly I had only seen it once. Goes down as one of my all time favourites. Some sterling performances, surely someone made off with an Oscar for that film? And I don’t mean Walhberg.

candy-gal1 Registered User

The Raven - went to see this last night, wasnt entirely sure what to expect tbh, but definitly wasnt disapointed.
i just got lost in it from start to finish, Sweeney Todd/Sleepy Hollow/Saw but much better would be my comparison, the romantic on the side bit wasnt just tacked on but also wasnt taking away from the rest of the movie.

plus John Cusack is hot in it , as he is in most of his movies but this time he had a great look about him, all in all great entertainment.

Wanderlust - slow to start off but once it got into it was hilarious in places, Paul Rudd is really growing on me as a proper funny guy in movies!
plus the long haired guy in it, jennifer anistons husband in real life apparrantly, HOT! only in that movie though

GaryIrv93 Closed Account

True Lies and Terminator 2, can never get enough of Schwarzenegger movies!

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