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I'm proud to announce that Boylepoker have taken over as sponsor for the Heads Up League 2009 and have added a massive $10,000 to the prizefund. This is a massive coup for the League and i'd like to thank Ciaran for the time and effort he has put in (and is willing to put in over the coming months)

We have been running an interest list over the last week and have reached 46 players. There is room for another 14 players before we are full and from now on, its a **first come first served basis.

There's a slight change to the league entrants from the other thread. I've decided to expand Serie B to 24 runners. This will be split into 2 equal leagues of 12.

We will now have..

Serie A x 12
Serie B1 x 12
Serie B2 x 12
Serie C x 12
Serie D x 12

As you can see from the list below, there is 2 places left in Serie A..8 places left in Serie B, I need 1 player to move up or down from Serie C and we have 5 places left in Serie D. Once these are all full, we will no longer accept entries and the transfer of funds will begin.

All 24 entrants in Serie B will be placed in a virtual hat and they will be divided into 2 equal leagues.

** I will not accept new users that setup accounts just to play this league. Applicants must be existing members of Boards.ie

The prizefund breakdown and the payouts are listed below. There is $8k added to this section of the league and its rationed accordingly. The prizefund is based on us reaching the full 60 players. Should we not reach 60 players, the prizefund will be adjusted accordingly.

Rules, Regulations, Terms and Conditions

The entry fee to each league is below. This amount MUST be transferred to a special Boards HU holding account on Boylepoker before any games take place. This account will be confirmed tomorrow.

Serie A - This will be a $300 buyin and each game must be for a minimum of $20
Serie B - This will be a $150 buyin and each game must be for a minimum of $10
Serie C - This will be a $100 buyin and each game must be for a minimum of $5
Serie D - This will be a $60 buyin and there is no minimum per game.

I also need each player to PM me with their Boylepoker username so we can get player to player activated on your account. Once money is transferred, it is non-refundable should you not be able to complete your fixtures. Users that arent currently signed up with Boylepoker.com can do so by downloading throgh this link.


League Rules..

Each player will play 11 best of 3 headsup games exclusively on Boylepoker with the winner being awarded 2 points and the loser 0. The more points you get, the better chance you have up claiming a prize, simple . Trophies will also be awarded to the winners of each league.

Each player may play his 1st 8 fixtures in any order, at any time but they must be complete over an 8 week period.

A fixture list will be announced once reg is closed and all games will be numbered 1-11. You may ONLY play your first 8 games over the first 8 weeks. You can play all 8 in the first week should you wish!

The last 3 fixtures must not be played until each person in the league has completed 8 matches and only then will the final 3 rounds of fixtures commence.

The reason for this is so that everyone will have played the same amount of games by a predetermined time and will leave 3 games to fight it out for spoils. If you played any of these 3 games out of order, they will be classed as null and void.

Every player that reg's must make every effort to complete all his/her games. Walkovers can and will be given against players that fail to fulfill their fixtures or make little or no effort to complete them.

If players are tied on points come the end of the season, placings will be decided on the result of the HU match between those 2 players. If 3 or more players are tied and HU matches cannot determine a winner, then play-off matches will occur.

Boylepoker will be creating private Boards.ie HU tables at every level for use during this league. They will be password protected and each person will receive the password once reg begins.

We will be hosting the league on a Boylepoker blog (details to follow) People can check results, latest standings etc on here. I will also be blogging player profiles, matches, hands, scenarios etc which will be updated regularly. Hopefully no-one will have any issues with a few little Q+As just to get an insight into the players in the league. It wont be much, just a couple of "get to know you" questions.

The Boylepoker Cup

This year will also see an FA CUP style knockout competition for anyone that wishes to enter. It will run concurrent with the league. Cost of entry will be $15 and should be paid at the same time you register for the league.

All league members will receive a bye into the 2nd round. The first round will be open to any boards.ie member regardless of whether they participate in the league or not. Boylepoker are adding $1,000 to the prizefund for this. We will wait to see how many numbers we have but we will either be paying 4 or 8 players depending.

We've accounted for $9k but we still have $1k left. This will be announced once the league begins as there's another little bonus in store.

I'll leave it at that for now. I'll try to answer any questions you may have, but like most of us, i have plans this weekend so wont be on constantly.

What i need at the moment from each player is..

  • A commitment to play in whatever league you are put in
  • A PM with your Boylepoker username in order to activate player to player transfer
  • The transfer of funds once the holding account is setup

Hope everyone has fun and i'd like to thank Ciaran and Boylepoker for the use of their site and the $10k added

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Donkathon Registered User

i'm kind of interested in B, will there be special heads up tables set up on boyles for this tournament?

Flushdraw Registered User

Donkathon said:
i'm kind of interested in B, will there be special heads up tables set up on boyles for this tournament?

Read the OP

1 place left in Serie A....ocallagh has snapped up the 11th spot..

aya14 Registered User

i'll take the plunge from c to d to even things out for ya mate

Flushdraw Registered User

aya14 said:
i'll take the plunge from c to d to even things out for ya mate


Serie C is now full and there are 4 places left in Serie D

Ste05 Registered User

EDIT: Serie B please

also, fair fcuks to Boyles for this....

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zuroph mo-duh-rator

d please flush

phantom_lord Registered User

i'll play in a if there's a spot too.

Ste05 Registered User

phantom_lord said:
i'll play in a if there's a spot too.

I'll let you take my spot in A and I'll take Serie B... I'll go edit my post...

Flushdraw Registered User

Ste05 said:
If Serie A is available throw me down, if not Serie B please...

also, fair fcuks to Boyles for this....

You're in A Ste. Thats A full now so there will only be another place available should someone drop out. Yeah fair fcks to Boyles alright!

zuroph said:
d please flush


phantom_lord said:
i'll play in a if there's a spot too.

In B Shane? I've also included Macspower in B as he posted in the other thread. Only a handful of places left.

hotspur Registered User

Well done Boyles, respect.

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ocallagh Registered User

Fair play to Boyles for this, 10k a huge bonus for this. Also, cheers for organising Tony!

Also delighted I decided to browse boards at 11.26pm this evening

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The Tourist Registered User

This is great, thanks.

When do you see the league and cup starting?

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The_Chopper Registered User

Whats left?

I'll play whatever is free, B pref

Donkathon Registered User

I'll go for B

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