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Hi, does anybody know of somenone reliable providing remote support for small businesses? The site in question has ten pcs with everyday issues. Occassional site visits will be required. It might suit somebody working from home looking after a small number of sites. References essential etc.


ntlbell Registered User

try someone like brandon consulting


May I ask were the business is located?

bambooman2 Registered User

Dublin 2, near Baggot Street

funk-you Registered User

OP, if you are advertising for a job i can move this to work & jobs. Put as much details in as you can.

If you are just looking for some recommendations PM me and ill re-open the thread. Servers & Systems isn't really for recruitment.


Thread re-opened.

Knuger Registered User

Hi Bambooman2,

Try looking up GC Technology. It's a small company in Sandyford that dose exactly what you are looking for.

I can only say good stuff about them. If you give them a ring they surely will be able to give you the number of a second customer of theirs as reference...


ashelle Registered User


Please no pimping of your own businesses folks.


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