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Can anyone advise what it costs approx. to fit solid oak wood floor . I have approx 51 Sq. Yds. to lay.
Also what is the best method to fix the wood to the floor. I am told that you can glue timber directly to concrete floor. (Glue is expensive). Alternatively you can lay sheets of plywood and secret nail the oak boards to this. (Height problems?)
Which is the best method and is it a DIY job?


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Expect to pay around €30-€35 a square meter for fitting the floor. There may be other charges if doors need to be planed down,skirting boards fitted and so on.There is a new product out that comes in a plastic roll that acts as a barrier between the concrete and floor but also has a glue on it for fixing the floor,not sure on cost but is thin so might help with the height.

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Personally I would not glue any solid floor to concrete.

Concrete and Wood expand and contract at different rates in addition to absorbing ambient moisture at different rates.Glueing both together can cause warping issues.

Install a good insulation mat between the two, a decent one, not the cheap foam stuff some places tell you is ok.
Good stuff is generally foam with a foil backing about 3-4mm thick,wont cause much height problems as it compresses a bit.
Then glue the tongue and grove joints on the boards and clamp them as you go along.
Make sure you leave an expansion gap aroung the edge of about 5mm or so and you should be fine for years.

By the way check if you are in a high Radon Gas area as you could fit a barrier now....only applies to ground floor installs.

Go for it !


in the height of the boom. 25 to 30 euro per meter.

I priced a floor recently at 12 euro per meter. And still dont think I will get it.

prices are dropping really low as carpenters and floor layers are out of work.

use you local paper and look for adds.

loads of choice out there.

If you have a well established house and dry concrete, then gluing down is fine.

follow the instruction on the packs and you will be laughin.

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