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Hi all,

I'm just looking for advice on how best to clean up dog poop/pee from carpet. I'm looking to go to the shop soon but I've no idea what to buy! We haven't had to deal with this as my dog's never done his business on the carpet before.

I figure there's more to it than just detol and hope for the smell to go away...


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There's a few things you can do, you can pop op and clean up the excess and then use something like Vanish carpet cleaner or 1001 carpet cleaner.

Aparently a more effective way is to clean up the excess, then use bicarb of soda on it or biological washing powder with a touch of vinegar.

Washing powder is used to get out all sorts of stains so should get out any stains and smells from the carpet (test a small area first) aparently the smell of it can put dogs off peeing there again.

Is the pooch having accidents a lot in the house? If so not sure how great they work but you can get 'wee wee' pads for dogs that you put on the floor like newspaper but they are supposed to have something to attract the dog to pee on them or you can get some newspapers.

Pat the carpet dry with some kitchen roll, if you use a hairdryer to dry the area you'll know if it's cleaned enough if you don't get a warm pee/poop smell whilst drying lol.

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Thanks Guineapigrescue,

He's never done this before. We were all supposed to go to Wicklow yesterday for a funeral. Think he heard mention of "kennels" and decided to make a dirty protest.

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Biological washing powder, warm water and some elbow grease is the cheapest and easiest way to deal with this (I have a piddly cat and have unfortunately become an expert in stain and smell removal).

If you do want to buy a specific cleaner I'd suggest either Four Paws Stain and Odour Remover or the Safe4 or Trigene range of disinfectants/odour killers. Shop bought carpet cleaner type things mask the smell and don't break it down so you run the risk of repeated use of that spot.

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