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I am looking for a PDF copy of DW-143 for information on the pressure testing of Ventilation ducting. I have the DW-144 document and it is useful to an extent, but i need the 143 document as soon as i can get it.
Does anybody have any idea where i can get it, or if anyone has it, could they drop me a PM. I am in a bit of a fix over this, so i would really appreciate it if anyone can help me.


chrisby27 Registered User

Hi ibh,

I know this is cheecky but i could do with a copy of dw -144 quite badly. where did you get it from? i have been trying to source a torrent but either broken or i cant register as its in chinese!
chrissmith @ kcg-installations.com

sorry cant help you with 143 :-(

godtabh Moderator

Do you lads work for a company?

Most of them have online sources of info for getting standards and what not

chrisby27 Registered User


I work for myself with another guy but the ducting trade is quite quiet at the moment other wise i would just buy a copy but @ £60 but thought i would try free methods first!

ibh Registered User

I forgot i had started this thread. I got the info i needed from somebody on PM.
I don't work for a company with access to it as I am doing duct pressure testing on my own.

Chrisby27 - If you are still lloking for 144 i have it and i can give it to u. Let me know.


redriot86 Registered User

Hi all, I'm looking for dw/144 could anyone please help me? I've searched high and low for this document but could not find it online. Appreciate any form of help here, thanks.

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