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i am looking to buy pheasant poults in the next couple of months does anybody know breeders or anyone selling pheasants?

wildfowler Registered User

where abouts are u

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wildfowler Registered User

theres finn valley @
wallslough game kilkenny tel-087 7749277
fiach dowling wicklow tel-0596473279
martin moloney tipperary e-mail;
aidan wogan slane co. meath tel-086 8796067
dromoland game farm contact dave tel-086 2459815

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hey wildfowler thanks a bunch for those numbers. Pheasant numbers have gone downhill in the last couple of years, a lot to do with the two wet summers, so we want to bring the population back up a bit. We are not sure in the gun club whether to buy caught up adult pheasants and let them out shortly or to go down the road rearing the poults and releasing them ,have you any ideas on it? Cheers

wildfowler Registered User

lot of work rearing poults if u have an enough help it will be no problem. u should still buy 50 to 60 adult birds and let them off where u know there is a few hen and they might breed for ye. poults ar around €5 and to buy adults in march ar around €8 a bird. if u do buy adults make sure u put out plenty of feed hoppers. martin moloney does adult birds in march

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