Storm 10 Registered User

Too bad to get out of the car but you can see how bad it is here wind gusting over 75 mph with driving rain

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mukki Registered User

fantastic, very stormy here, but you need an ocean/lake to capture it in a photo

nacho libre Registered User

excellent photos. thanks for sharing them.

jambofc Registered User

cool pics

projectmayhem Registered User

Nice photos alright. The weather has me holed up indoors, waiting for some restbite so I can rush out and get to the girlfriends' house clean

hellboy99 Registered User

great pictures


great photos, im close to lough atalia here and were getting some battering of rain here, heard some thunder there a few minutes ago!


Wouldn't mind going out to the coast but frankly I'm warm and dry and like it that way!

Stargate Registered User

i love salthill , tnx for pics

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