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Me and my friend are getting the bus from belfast to letterkenny. We will either be arriving into derry at quarter to eight, or quarter past eight depending on what time we get the bus.... does anyone know of a late night bus which will take us to letterkenny?? ideas would be much appreciated thank you

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Bus Eireann (Route 32 or 64, minds going blank) might still run that late - I suspect Swilly will have ended for the night. Check buseireann.ie

edit: No, you'd have to go to Monaghan and back again, which would take the guts of 4 hours!

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No need to go to Monaghan, get the Ulsterbus 273 bus from Derry to Strabane and connect with the Bus Eireann 32 Dublin-Letterkenny service or get the 273 direct from Belfast to Strabane and connect to the 32

Timetables are available on the buseireann.ie and translink.co.uk websites.

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^^ sounds like a better plan, I used BE's route finder which doesn't have Ulsterbus journeys (except the 200 goldliner) on it.


Theres no busses from Derry to Letterkenny.

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Run_to_da_hills said:
Theres no busses from Derry to Letterkenny.

Oh yes there is!


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There is a direct bus ran by Gallaghers leaving Belfast at 5.30 and only taking 2 hours to Letterkenny.

Its probably your best option if its not too early to be leaving Belfast.

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