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Hi, Can anyone let me know where i can buy a couple of hundred good ash planks for hurley making.
Also does anyone know about drying ash artifically and is there anyone that can do it and if so how much does it cost. Alot of hurley makers seem to be drying there ash this way to speed up the process and have there own set up to do it. I am only part time and i make the hurleys by hand but i could do with speeding up the process. Anyone have any thoughts on this. I would appreciate any help on this.

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Hi there,

We supply 12 hurley makers around Ireland with ash wood planks. We have containers come in quarterly and lorrys every two months.
We also have several different product/idea's that could benefit your business too.
Drop me an email if interested at or

Hope business is good!

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i got planks pff setanta poorest quality timber ever see

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Hello. We are a company from Romania who sell any type of wood. Exemple ash wood for Hurley. If you are interestend to buy any type of wood, please contact us !
Best regards !

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