Hi everyone,just looking to get some information on the contraceptive "bar"

Looking for an alternative to the pill.Basically we're having sex using the pill and condoms as contraception but if we accidentally break a condom,we arent the most confident in the pill's contraceptive abilities.

Basically I've heard the pill is nearly 100% reliable and apparently the pill can have side effects like weight gain or better skin and such but havent seen any difference over the long course of its use.

If anyone can provide info on the Contraceptive "bar" such as:

Whats the proper name for it
PRO's and CON's
Where it can be got


anything else i might need to know,

OH,and i heard the needle used to put it in is huge....any truth to this???

Thanks in advance

Cool_CM Registered User

Should find most of the practical info you want there, as to how you'd go about getting one implanted I'd say ask your doctor.

Ramera Guest


I was the exact same as you, didnt have much confidence in the pill, well not the pill as much as my confidence in myself for taking it..... i have the memory of a fish even after a year of taking it i still forgot most days, so that why i decided on the bar, cause its handy.

I did alot of research on the implanon before i got it, theres so many horror stories out there it freaked me out but my boyfriend convinced me, swayed me with the whole being a young mum thing, frightened the s**t outta me. anyways i have friends who have had it and all there stories are great and there loving it. so i decided to get it

OK well, my story .... i got it last oct (2008) so have it nearly 10 months i think..... and most days at the start i have wanted it out, being completely honest, when i got it in i was told it can take anything from 3-6 months for the side effects to go. well, 7 months on and i still had them such as weight gain, spotting of blood ect..... which to be honest is a contraception in there own ways, if your like me and not thin i think it does help in the weight section, i have put on nearly 3 stone, and nothing else in my life has changed.

ok thats the bad stuff but the good stuff , now everything has cleared up, im so glad i stuck it out and now i have lost 2 stone in the last month or so..... amazing.... no blood either. everything is starting to get back to normal. but this is just me i think the pill didnt agree with me either. my friends had none of this, and there wafer thin too.....

as for the needle its big but you dont feel it they numb your arm which feels kinda cool...and then after it takes a day or two for your arm to not be so tender. but then theres nothing.... you can feel the bar through your skin but it doesnt hurt at all..... just grows on ya i guess.

I would deffo recommend the bar to anyone but i would warn them it can take a while for everything to settle down and go back to normal. If you have a medical card theres no reason not to try it sure you can just get it out , obviously for those who have to pay the few hundred i guess you have to stick to it.

i hope this helps and doesnt freak you out, its not intended to do that just wanted to tell you my story, though if your still nervous about the bar, would you try the patch? maybe you would have more confidence in that. and you only have to change it once a week.

Lizard Queen Registered User

i think what your talking about implannon , its basically an bar in your arm. I got it done last year it lasts 3 years. They gave me a little bit of local anesthic in my arm and then put a tiny nick in my arm then put it in using what looks like a needle that injects it in.

There can be problems asociated but ive been fine and i have a small period like bleed every 4-5 months that lasts maybe 1 or 2 days. Best invention every would never go back to the pill and condoms again.

Darthhoob Registered User

the only bit that hurts is the anaesthetic going in...might be sore for a few days (bruising) but after that should be fine..till you have it taken out 3 years later (which again isn't painful but probably not a good idea to look lol)

i had it a few years ago and it worked brill, i didnt get pregnant at least lol! and i was just using that...not condoms too (was in a faithful relationship). the only problems i did have with it was weight gain, i put on quite a bit (3 stone)within a month of it being put in. didn't change my diet or activity..so put it down to that...but it's apparently rare for that to happen...so i was told. also it messed with my periods a bit, became very irregular...which can bring on a panic if you're not wanting to be pregnant. just...if you're late...dont worry and do a test to make sure.

it apparently works after a week or so of being in your body, so quite fast and last 3 years and dont have to worry about taking a pill same time every day and breaks etc etc. but DO talk to your doctor about it first to get more information i think you have to be refered anyway to a family planning clinic (least i was but i am in england)

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Does any one no how much this costs if you dont have a medical card?

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