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My wee girl (nearly 3) has been getting sick all day, god love her. Just put her to bed with a basin beside her, she's white as a sheet but her temp is normal and her bowel motions were normal when she went to the loo around 6 pm. There is a tummy bug going around and bringing her to the doc will be pointless as there's nothing they can give for a very young child.

Any tips on how to get her through it? I've given her nothing but some Dioralyte solution.... feel very sorry for her though


There's not much you can do embee but ride it out Keep the fluids going even it's just little sips at a time. Lots and lots cuddles, whatever cartoons or dvds she wants to watch (preferably with you snuggled up alongside) and whatever she chooses to eat herself when it gets to the point where she's asking for food again (even if it's an ice lolly at 7am ) Poor baby.

embee Moderator

Thanks littlebug!

I just feel so sorry for her, she is so good and doesn't complain. She even said "sorry mammy" after she threw up

I've just checked on her now, she's fast asleep, tummy nice and soft, normal flushed face she gets when she's sleeping so perhaps she's over the worst of it.

I just am not used to her being sick - she is almost three and hasn't ever had an antibiotic and never has colds, sore throats, ear infections etc., so when she's sick I get panicked!!!

crosstownk Registered User

If it's the vomiting bug (norovirus) (video is informative) then you can probably be almost guaranteed that you will get it within a few days, unfortunately. We all had it here this time last year and it's unavoidable once your in the house with the wee ones and cleaning up after them each time they get sick. The vomiting part is hard work at the time but usually it all clears away in 24-48 hours. Once it's passed you'll have a short lived immunity.

There's not much you can do for the little ones except keep them comfortable and as happy as possible until they bounce back - and kids tend to bounce back muck quicker than us adults! Both of ours were more or less right as rain the next day whereas myself and Mrs. crosstownk were somewhat drained for a day or two after.

b3t4 Registered User

Flat 7up is meant to be good for upset tummies. It keeps the fluids up and the sugar is good for energy as well.

You can flatten it very quickly by whisking it with a fork.


Lillyella Registered User

Adding a spoon of sugar to fizzy 7up will also flatten it immediately.

Mr Magnolia Moderator

You should really take her to the doctor embee. Although that bug is going around you can't be sure that's what's causing the vomiting.

There are things the doctor can advise you on to settle the child's tummy too. Hope she's feeling better soon, it's a bad dose.

shrapnel222 Registered User

for tummy bugs, liquid comes out at both ends (sorry for the graphic picture), so if her bowel movements are normal, something else might be causing the vomitting. probably best to go to the GP. If it is a tummy bug, then it'll be dioralite or rapolite for 48 hours, then slow reintroduction of solids

embee Moderator

Well, it was over as quick as it began!

Not a bother on her this morning, demanded breakfast, running around playing.... Still kept her home just to be on the safe side but she's perked up a hundred per cent.

Mr Magnolia Moderator

Good to hear

MyBaby Registered User

My 3 yr old son had the same bug on monday. Woke up monday night vomiting was like tat most of the night. Just gave him fluids and a bit of toast on tuesday and he kept them down. H was just lying on the sofa all day watching tv. By tuesday night he was back to himself wrecking the house lol.

He has had it before so kinda knew he would be over it with a day or so.

shaca Registered User

About 2 years ago my daughter had a bad vomiting bug. Ended up having to bring her to doc. He advised me to give her a little bit of flat coca cola. I asked him was he joking. He said just think what it can do to a dirty coin. It cleans it up. It can also help with a stomach bug. Don't know if it works for real but in a funny sort of way it made sence.

Lillyella Registered User

I've heard that about Cola, but was advised that Pepsi was better.


My DS had a vomiting bug recently, was vomiting for 5 days and hadnt eaten more then a slice of toast each day, couldnt hold down anything. Brought him to the doctor and what do you know .... there was nothing they could do.

I gave him a little benylin cough mixture cos it has an antihematic in it (stops vomiting) it helped a little, enough so about half hour later he could eat something and it would stay down for a few hours.

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