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I got a vertical labret in August and decided to take it out permanently recently because I found it really irritating and hitting off my teeth and stuff (I'm surprised I kept it for that long). It healed and all and I took it out just over a week ago but there is still a visible hole there and the usual redness you usually get around some lip piercings.

I was wondering how long it usually takes for the hole to shrink or even close up? Has anybody else had the same experience?



It's closed by now I'd say. i could only ever take mine out for 30mins, longest I've heard of is a day

jenizzle Hosted Moderator

I've had my labret piercing out for a few months now, I can still put jewellery in at a struggle though. One of my other lip piercings will stay open for a few weeks. The others, a day at the most. Since your piercing is relatively new, the inside is probably closed up by now I'd say, but the redness will take much longer to leave. The same for the hole, which may never go away or may leave a slight dent. Massage the site with Vitamin E oil which will promote skin regrowth and healing

LD 50 Registered User

I would be able to leave my labret out for a few weeks, and still be able to get my jewelery back in. The longest I remember it being out would have been a month, tops.
I'm not sure the healing times of them, but if your's was properly healed, with a complete fistula, I doubt its completly closed up after only a week. Might take several months.
As for still being able to see the holes, I can still see where I was pierced mine after 3 years of having it out. So unfortunatly it may never go away.

Patricide Registered User

I could leve mine out a few days after 2 years of having it, then it started to close.

holyshow Registered User

i had jewellery in mine for two years. its been over four years since ive had any jewellery in it and can still comfortably put some in if i want. not vertical though.

Wexford Girl Registered User

I have mine pierced for 2 years now and its closed after just a couple of hours.

CianRyan Registered User

My spider bites closed up in about 3 hours.
That was a good for months ago, but i still have slight indents where they were.
Like if some one gets stabbed, they'll have the scar for life, exactly the same thing.

Thats probably what you're seeing.

garthv Hosted Moderator

I had mine done for over a year...took it out about 3 years ago and I still have a small hole in my lip

Tristram Registered User

garthv said:
I had mine done for over a year...took it out about 3 years ago and I still have a small hole in my lip


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