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I've been asked to check the Millionaire Raffle draw numbers online for somebody, the date on the ticket is 31 Dec 2008, but the results on are for 1 Jan 2009, are these two different draws ? There doesn't seem to be prizewinning numbers for the 31 Dec 2008.



thedini Registered User

there was only 1 draw on the 1st.

Scawgeen Registered User

Thanks for your reply, they should have put 1 Jan 2009 on the ticket and I wouldn't be all confussed.

Super Sidious Registered User

there was two seperate draws... the main 500+ numbers were drawn on the 31st... the remainder 1million + 100k draws were at 12.20am 1st Jan. It aint rocket science!

L1m1tless Better Than Yesterday

Hum I watched the draw and I dont understand how they do it. there was only about 1000 tickets in the drum!

Bluetonic Registered User

CowboyDreams said:
Hum I watched the draw and I dont understand how they do it. there was only about 1000 tickets in the drum!

When are the winning entries drawn?

* A preliminary draw from all valid ticket entries will take place in National Lottery offices on Wednesday December 31st. This draw will take place under independent supervision of KPMG

* The object of the preliminary draw shall be to randomly select, with the aid of drawing equipment, and under independent supervision, 532 winning tickets from the total number of valid tickets sold.

* These 532 winning tickets will then be placed in a draw drum for a final draw. The final draw will take place after midnight on December 31st. At the final draw, the National Lottery will draw, in order, the winning tickets for each prize value. The top seven prizes; the two €1,000,000 prizes and the five €100,000 prizes, will be drawn in front of a live studio audience. This will be televised on RTE 1 at 00.20am. The remaining prizes will then be drawn.

* On January 1st, the National Lottery will publish to its website the winning ticket numbers and associated prize amounts. Tickets may also be checked at National Lottery Lotto Agents.

* The National Lottery will also publish the winning tickets in national press on Saturday January the 3rd and Sunday January 4th

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