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anyone thinking of studying dentistry in budapest??? i am keeping it as a back up option if i dont get enough points in the leaving cert!! anyone else?????

kieranfitz Registered User

A former student of the university of plymouth here, studied extended science.

Rooneysdaman Registered User

Orthoptics at University of Liverpool

Burky126 Registered User

Design communication over at Glyndwr in North Wales.

Ziggy*Dust Registered User

NeoSlicerZ said:
Course: MEng in Photonics
College: KTH Sweden.

How's KTH? I see masters courses in Sweden are free. Would you recommend a masters there? What's the cost of living like?

Jennifer Parker Registered User

Course: M.Sc. Energy and Finance
University Duisburg-Essen

Taught Master; strong focus on energy markets;
electives range from energy technology to econometric analysis

SazKav Registered User

Want to study (doing the leaving at the mo)
Int Business & French
IT Tallaght
Can anyone thats done this course help me out and tell me is it any good? I mainly want to know about the living in france part?

Isis20 Registered User

Im planning to come to Ireland to study at DIT, but at the moment Im studying in Holland at university Inholland in Rotterdam.
Fingers crossed that the board of examiners will approve my appeal!

LoonyLovegood #firstworldproblems

I'm Cíara, and I'm about to start studying MA Legal Studies and Political Science in University of Aberdeen. I can't wait!

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I think this forum needs a bit of a pushstart. So if you're studying abroad or looking to study abroad feel free to mention it here!


Etc. Chop/change the headings as you require. Hopefully we'll start to get a few more people looking in on this forum

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I want to study nursing in the uk, I already have a Business degree form ireland, and thinking of doing the 2 year post grad entry route to adult nursing in the UK. Has anyone done a course like this. I have fond a course in the University of salford where you can exit after yr one with a Pg Cert in Nursing, can anyone tell me if I can then go on to d a post grad diploma in Ireland if this cert does not allow me to register with the NMC.? it doesn't really make sense to tell you you can exit after year one if you will not be on any part of the register. A bit confusing, any help would be great

Beth Murphy Registered User

Hey,try to get into scotland to do your nursing,try RGU,Its a brill course.Apply regardless for your bursary,get the form and sent it off..You may get it!

You will easily pick up auxilliary nurse posts at weekends in Uni.Have afun time,Its great and trust me a passport around the world,you may can even apply for residency in Australia afterwards!!!!!!!!!!!Forget Ireland and work,thats a joke...........

Bad Chemicals Registered User

Anybody studying in Sweden who can tell us what it's like? I know courses are free, but is the cost of living manageable? What University do you go to?

Blinky285 Registered User

Vet Med in Szent Istvan University starting in Sep

hdowney Registered User

So I'm Helen. I'm gonna (Please God) be doing an Access course in UCD this September and am hoping to go to Oxford September 2015 to study Joint Honours in English and History

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