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What is the difference between Job Seekers Allowance and Job Seekers Benefit?

Do they both pay the same amount?

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the difference is jsa is means tested,you get that if you aint got enough prsi contributions,if you do have enough contributions you recieve job seekers benefit,the weekly rate for job seekers benefit is 204 euros or there abouts,and the rate for job seekers allowance varies depending on your circumstances,If any of the information is incorrect someone please correct me.

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Jobseekers benefit is "stamps" based, if you have enough stamps paid you will receive this payment but if you do not qualify you will most likely receive jobseekers allowance.
The maximum rates of payment are the same, However,

"A reduced rate of Jobseeker's Benefit is payable if your average weekly earnings in the Relevant Tax Year before you became unemployed were under €150. From January 2009, the earnings limit in the Relevant Tax Year for graduated rates of Jobseeker's Benefit will increase from €150 to €300 per week for new claimants.
If you are affected by this rule, it may of greater benefit for you to claim Jobseeker's Allowance instead of Jobseeker's Benefit."

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JSB is an exportable benefit too, ie you can spend 3 mths in another EU or EA country looking for work and still get it

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