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I've just started back swimming regularly (~5 times per week) and I've developed itchy red rings around my eyes/dry skin where the goggles are fixed. I used to wear cheap spongy goggles to prevent this but they don't seem to make them anymore. Is it worth my while investing in racing goggles which fix much tighter around the eyeball as opposed to the eye socket bone? Btw I don't think I'm allergic to any plastics.


Rented Mule Registered User

It does sound like an allergy.

Try a few different sets of goggles to see if you have better luck with them.

interested Registered User

Agreed with previous regarding allergy.
Different strokes for different folks but using something like Silcocks base (soap alternative) around the area might help.

I used to suffer pretty badly with this when younger.
I switched to goggles without any sponge or rubber like these
I found it was the sponge that was causing the irritation.
Ones with rubber edges might suit as well.

Hope this helps

Clseeper Registered User

I’ve been away for a while so hadn’t been in the pool for about two months, after my first session back I got something similar to what you describe, red, raw, flaky skin just around the corner of my eyes. I had never had this before. I had some hydrocortisone skin cream lying around and that seems to be clearing it up. That said, I’d start by maybe using the Silcocks Base or that first since I’ve no medical experience and it could just be dried out skin?

I haven’t been in the pool since as I got that Flu/chest infection/sore throat that everyone seems to have over the xmas but I’ve binned my pair of googles. Possibly I left them wet in the bag without rinsing? I always try and change my goggles regularly enough [every 6 months] as you can get spots of mildew growing on the inside, which can’t be good for your eyes.

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I was a swimmer as a young lad - and during my late teens had the same problem for a year or so.

Skin specialist/doctors said it was essentially mild exma brought on by the chlorine (and probably hormones).

I had to use hydrocortizone cream - 1% then 0.5%.

I always found the foam goggles worse than the rubber seals - as the foam always felt more abrasive - helping to dry out the skin.

After a year or two the problem went away for me.

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