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jebuz said:
Rough demo of a track I'm working on with a friend, feedback would be great

And now the full version ...

Hatred Registered User

Here's a short Trip Hop tune I produced recently:

Prize for whoever can guess the main sample.

Benny Smiles Registered User

Electronica/Dirty Funk/Trip Hop

Thanks for listening!

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PaulBrewer said:
Following on from Sei046s great suggestion we've decided we give the idea a trial.

The idea is if you're looking for feedback on your music either from a musical or technical perspective here's the place to post.

BEWARE - OPINIONS CAN BE SCATHING ! If you're a gentle soul perhaps think twice before posting.

With regard to comments, let's keep them constructive.

Hey All,
Check out to hear our tracks. Many thanks!

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Been a while since I posted anything, but been working hard all yearon my recording, mixing, programming and mastering technique.
Here's a track I've been working on and would like to hear opinions/criticisms and suggestions (if any) on the production side of it.


maplebacon Registered User

Hey guys, would love some feedback on some tracks iv been working on. more coming very soon also. Thank you for your time!

petebricquette Registered User

Howdy just launched two of our tracks there a few days ago. Any feedback would be much appreciated!

jebuz Registered User

Keeping the tempo up since my acquisition of logic pro...

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Wailin Registered User

An acoustic song from a friend of mine, great tune in my opinion.

dasdog Registered User

Shinners, from a few years ago.

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Hatred said:
Here's a short Trip Hop tune I produced recently:

Prize for whoever can guess the main sample.

Sample from the graffiti documentary "Bomb It" (Copied and pasted from your Soundcloud profile...)

what is the prize?

martinbe Registered User

Here is a track im putting out for free.

Its my own track with a vocal from Wahoo Make em Shake it.

metallo Registered User

Here a taste of our new EP "Through Apathetic Eyes" out the 15th of June.

Link to the sample:

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