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When you have relatives that keep you awake for 36 hours and the crescendo involves Phil Collins who needs enemies?


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The DeadBeat Collective:

http://soundcloud.com/thedeadbeatcollective best quality

Some other sites have different, lower-res stuff on it:


Your thoughts would be cool, bear in mind we do it all in our sitting room.

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drum! said:

Your thoughts would be cool, bear in mind we do it all in our sitting room.

Enjoyed the soundcloud tracks a lot! Didn't listen to the others.You remind me of klaxons a bit, which is a good thing! And the production values seem good to me! i particularly liked intravenus, cool vibe to it. You slightly remind me of a Dublin band I recorded and am friends with called Factory, although they are more Foalsy than Klaxonsy i think.

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Hello ppl,

This is my latest remix : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UTcCTJAqPjk&hd=1

Made the vid. in premiere elements.

Take care, hope u like it




Tracks are produced, performed, recorded, mixed and mastered in my spare room... let me know what ye think



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At the beginning of what is surely a steep learning curve but i've had a lot of fun with what i've done so far.

Not very polished either but I think i'm improving.


Here is a collab I did with Pulchism/Electrohara - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fw4Du0a0e48

Any comments would be appreciated good or bad!

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A new (and unfinished) recording:


Free download for 24 hours.

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Not pro recorded by any means, used as fosters 267 multitracker hooked up to my ancient computer.


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cool stuff nyarlothothep! lots of unusual stuff going on in what i've listened to so far!

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I'm handing in a final assignment for my composition class tomorrow, and I did a really rough recording of it. I can't get decent drum recordings, so I cut up a beat from one of my band's songs and sequenced it. All guitars and vocals are recorded with a Shure SM58 with the metal ball dealy taken off, the bass is DIed into my interface (slightly-dodgy Alesis io14). The interface kept crackling and adding noise intermittently, which I thought was just it being broken, but a friend mentioned it might be drivers or a wrong buffer size or something?

The main event (for me) is the addition of Pure Data into my recordings


... I told you it was rough

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Hi guys.
Would like to share a track with you that I recorded in my rehearsal space recently, just looking for feedback!
Recorded everything with an old MBox on PT LE6.7.
For the drums I close mic'd with a set of shure pg's all round and used two sennheiser 815's (better than nothing i suppose!) for overheads. Ran them through a behringer desk, got a mix there and ran the desk's outputs into the mbox. Bit of EQ and Compression on the drums then in PT, but not a lot that could be done besides that, obviously, as I was only recording a stereo image of the entire kit.
Electric guitars were a 57 close-mic'd on a marshall avt, bass was DI'd through a behringer ultragain single valve pre-amp, vocals and acoustic guitar done with a cheap condenser mic.
All reverb is pt's d-verb and compression etc is massey plugins.
Let me know what you think,


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Archive of gigs is at http://www.frankryans.com/franks-tracks/

Band members (Google them - serious pedigrees here!):
- Noel Bridgeman
- Ed Deane
- Trevor Knight
- John Quearney

Recording Notes:

Zoom H1 recorded 24/96k wav, recording level eventually set to 15 (after trial and error). This is recorded in Frank Ryans Bar, Smithfield. The H1 is set recording and hung off the ceiling. Distance to band is about 2.5 to 3m. This is not a huge loud gig - you don't leave with tinnitus and you can still talk to the person beside you without roaring in their ear. (I was unable to meter the sound).

I found the the auto recording levels of the H1 are a complete pain for gigs. They kick in after 20 seconds (?) and completely bugger up your levels at the start of a song. Better to set manual levels.

Leave a comment there if you like/hate/would like more information.

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really cool track!! reminded me of hotel california (epic song)! really liked the vocal harmonies and the sort of wistful chord progressions! you should be very proud, in my opinion!

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