Firstly, Happy Christmas everyone.

Theres some nice Walkie Talkies in Lidl from tomorrow with headsets.


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Masada Banned

I got a pair of them ages back., there pretty good and they'll take the single pin calvaly and bowman headsets no probs., same fitting as a motorola talkabout.,

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amaughan Registered User


Walsh475 Registered User

guess i will be heading to lidl tomorrow

Stevo93 Registered User

are they rechargable???

gerrowadat Registered User

Yep, ditto, I have ne of these.

Be aware that the 'headset' that comes with it is designed for helmet, i.e. it's just two earpieces with sticky pads on the back for putting inside a bike helmet. You'l need to get a proper headset (it takes motorola talkabout stuff).

Masada Banned

Yeah they can take AAA batterys too, they also come with a mains and car charger.,

Walsh475 Registered User

any ideas where u can get headsets to fit them


ive got one but i might get another for the moped since ive lost me headset

DisasterIRL Registered User

What I don't get is why people don't get things like this:


Don't get me wrong I'm not very wise I got a set of Binatones for 70, but I never realised I could get something worth my while for the same price

And the headsets that come one the Lidl ones just like a ptt button and two speakers or earphones?

Dread-Lock Registered User

I have a quick question as I don't really know much about walkie talkies. I haven't joined a team yet but I hope to soon enough.

Say I buy the walkie talkie from LIDL or the one DisasterIRL listed and then I join a team. If they use a different walkie talkie will I still be able to use the one I bought before or will I have to go out and buy the walkie talkie that is the same as the rest of my team?

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Airsofty Registered User

I got a set of them from lidl about a year ago, pretty good talkies, but the head set speakers aint great, audio is pretty low.. so it gets hard to hear when you clackin away with your aeg, I tried a couple of differant headsets with them, (not the bowman type) that vtec posted. but found the PTT didnt work on em... ended up getting the Corbra ones from Tesco for 39 euro, that and a throat mic which cost me 10 bills on ebay, worked out a better deal :-)

May review this now that I can get a headset that works :-) - Thanks to Vtec-who looks pretty scary with one on :-) if not a bit like one of the SAS dudes from COD4 Modern Warfare

but to anwser Dreadlocks Question, never had a problem with using one with any other brand or type once I had the same channel :-)

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samhail Registered User

looks interesting thanks.

maybe a mod from Bargin Alerts can put a redirect from there to here.

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