nkay1985 Registered User

Hi guys,

I've been searching the net and this forum trying to find out exactly where the bleed screw is on a Riello 40 oil pump. I don't want to hazard a guess in case I mix it up with the pressure adjuster.

Can anyone be of any assistance?

stillbornalive Registered User

hi on the side of the pump near to the top of it, you will see a alan key socket usually a size 4. thats the bleed open it but do not take it out air will be releaced and when fuel comes out close it up

Avns1s Registered User

Bottom Nut - about 5/8" IIRC (the silver one).

f1_jb Registered User

If you look at the pump on the left of the burner you will see facing you a Screw in the middle of a nut don't touch this) and below that a nut, this is the bleed nut I think its a 13mm loosen it a bit and wait until you get a small flow of oil out of it.

What ever you do don't adjust the flat head screw head as this is the pressuer adjuster.

JamesM Registered User

Both are correct. The allen screw is the 1st to try - If you don't have an allen key, try the nut below the adjusting screw.

nkay1985 Registered User

Yeah that's the one I figured it was but thanks for the verification. All working fine now.

leoch Registered User

i just got my riello 40 going from being airlocked but i think i almost took out the air adjuster screw but it seems to be heating now the best i screwed back in the air adfjuster screw but dont know if its in far enough or not far enough how would you know

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