rizzla Registered User

Iron Monkey

TygerKrash Registered User

Dragon: the bruce lee story.

also has some of the weirdest noises in a fight scene ever..

ziedth Moderator

Any tony Jaa film fight would be up there to me but ti keep it kind of random I would Pick the fight Between John Cusack and the assasin in Grosse Point Blank. I found that there was something very real about it

Lamper.sffc Registered User

District 13

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Forget the bad dubbing

RAUL DUKE Registered User


The Bride vs Elle in Kill Bill 2

RAUL DUKE Registered User


And of course,Undefeatable!

Lamper.sffc Registered User


Was it a fight scene or a shouting competition

moe_sizlak Banned

best fight scene for me would be either king kong versus 3 trex or bewoulf versus grendal , if only cause i watched both movies in the past 3 days and they stick in my ever increasing short memory

Lamper.sffc Registered User

Just seen this movie chocolate. Has some brilliant fight scenes.

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p to the e Registered User

Darko said:
Simply the most intense fight scene in years.

my word that was fantastic. one my favourite fights is the final fight in Rob Roy between Liam Neeson and Tim Roth. so vicious and realistic.

Also any fight scene in last of the Mohicans is a must see.

sexmag Registered User

Lamper.sffc said:
Would just love to see what fight scenes (martial arts or not) people loved the most in a movie.
Post up some clips if you have any.

For me there are so many. But here is two.

(1) Blade

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2. Tom Yum Goong

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jim carrey kicking his own ass in me,myself and irene

Wreck Registered User

Lamper.sffc said:
District 13

(Invalid youtube)

Forget the bad dubbing

The guy dubbing 'Damien' sound really like either Dan Le Sac or Scrobius Pip - don't know which one is which but I 'm convinced it's him.

I've nothing further to add except that the the side scroller in Old Boy is probably my favorite, although I also love the scene in the sauna in Eastern Promise.


i allways loved this scene...

from layer cake

Mr. Frost Registered User

Rambo vs everybody in ''John Rambo''!

ginoginelli Registered User

Ong bak..the whole film..

Always get goosebumps when i see this one tho


the punch is about 3 mins in..

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