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Surprised this thread is still open. Anyway, I quite liked some of the fight scenes in the Kill Bill films: the opening fight in the suburban house, Gogo with her mace, and (my fave) Uma and Daryl Hannah tearing that mobile home apart. I mean, DH's character was a realiy bad person, but that was a nasty way for any fight to end...

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TygerKrash said:
I can't find a vid right now but I might post it later.

The fight at the beginning of brotherhood of the wolf is awesome, if for nothing else than being the the moment you realise you are watching a Period drama-martial arts-horror-whodunnit. Awesome.

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Oh my god how did I forget. John Nada and Frank in They Live. Hilarious fight scene.

Ah, They Live.....

And I'm all out of bubblegum

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Gopher you bet me to it

Dooku and Yoda me arse

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In Commando Bennet versus Matrix

MagicMarker Banned

Snippet of Legend of the Drunken Master

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Gorgeous fight scene (great fight, awful movie)

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Another good one


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Great film aswell

Das Kitty Manic Pixie Dream Tarantula ☆゚.*・。゚

I love the fight scene in Grosse Pointe Blank.

It just comes out of nowhere and is so utterly violent.

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The Matrix: Neo Vs. Smith in the train station

Bloodsport: The final fight

The Bourne Trilogy: Pretty much about every unarmed fight with another agent.

Seven Samurai: the Samurai duel. It's not particularly "lively", it's short, but it is intense. This is only the end of the fight. The build-up and stand-off is missing.

When the Last Sword is Drawn: The last major fight between the Shogun and government forces. Guns and Swords mix in rather bad ways. I can only find the end of the fight-scene on youtube.

StarWars: Episode 1, light-saber duel between Darth Maul vs. Obi-Wan Kenobi & QuiGon Jinn.

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pwd said:

Just watched Old Boy again there, that fight is just stunning. It must have had to be done in one take.

:lol: at the Tom Yum Goong crunching bone sounds!

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'They live' (also parodied in south park).

Eastern Promises - the naked knees & elbows on hard tiles sort of vibe just looked very gritty - (also it reminded me of some of the tatooed beer monsters who frequent my gym/sauna).

Snatch - 'ready to rumble' or the bareknucke one.


Platoon - Barnes vs Elias

Deathwish. -Mother****in Charlie Bronson vs the muggers


Raging Bull

Dangerous Liasions duel scene


Also . . .

True Romance - Clarence vs the pimp.

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...I am not left handed!

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Summer Glau one kick ass chick

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