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I didnt know whether to post this here or in the Religion section so if it needs to be moved please feel free to move it.

I've been asked to do a reading of the Prayer of the Faithful at a friends wedding.

Does anyone know at what stage of the wedding this happens at( before or after The Gospel) and does it happen at the same time as the other readings( i.e. will I be walking up to the Altar as part of a group or on my own?.

First time doing public speaking so am trying to prepare myself.

Many thanks.

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From what I remember (it's been a while since I went to mass)... It comes pretty soon after the Nicene creed (We believe in one God, the Father, the Almighty, maker of heaven and earth, of all that is seen and unseen..... ). This is well after the gospel and other readings.
There will probably be several prayers of the faithful so you could ask the bride and groom who else is doing them and stand up when they do. Usually the people doing them together will walk up together and each take it in turns to do their prayer. There should also be a mass booklet which will show the running order.
Just found an order of mass that might help clarify things

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Don't worry OP, there'll probably be a wedding rehearsal the day before the ceremony. And the priest usually gives the readers a nod when it's time for the prayers of the faithful.

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The prayers of the faithful are after the wedding ceremony. Once the bride and groom light the centre candle the priest will announce the "prayers of the faithful".
Each prayer is normally no more than 4 lines.And usually 4-5 readers.

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Many thanks for all of your replies.

Merry Christmas.

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Get your reading well in advance, and either write it down again so each sentence is on its own line, or put big marks where each sentence ends - this will make it a lot easier for you to know when to pause.

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