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Hi there everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can help me here, Im 23 with a good leaving cert and never went to college, so I can apply as a mature student in febuary. Accountancy is something ive always thought about doing. I currently work in a bar and have no experience in it whatsoever. what would be the difference in getting a BA in accountancy and doing IATI with a view to doing ACCA...also if I went to college I would have to do it at night, does anyone know what colleges do the BA at night?....also would there be any chance getting an entry level job with a company while studying? I dont mind earning crap money for a few years...any advice would be great, Thanks....

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If you do a BA in Accounting doing the accounting technician straight after would be a waste of time - you could go straight to training for ACA or ACCA.

Some firms might even take you on now if you show the willingness to commit to years of study. I think you can still start the exams with a leaving cert but you would have to do every single one.

Your pay would be so bad in that situation that you would definitely have to keep on the bar work to make ends meet.

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Athlone IT have loads of accounting courses. Don't waste your time doing IATI, as this will be obsolete as soon as you pass any CIMA/ACA/ACCA or CPA(the worst of them all) exams. You can probably sit your accounting exams from scratch, in the evenings or weekends. In the the big cities, BPP and DBS in dublin.

There is 2 ways to do this, DO all your accounting exams from the begining, very tough exams with high failure rates.
Or Else you could go back to college and get exemptions from the accounting bodies up to final level. I did a BA in Professional accounting (3 yr full time in athlone) and now I only have to do 3 exams and a work experience to qaulify as a CIMA accountant.
If you did your exams from the start and worked in accounting/finance department you will have gained your work experience while you study, and you could get an employer to pay course fees, and exam fees which are very costly and add up.

Check out Athlone IT might have options to suit you, They do a lot of accounting type courses. And get more exemptions than other colleges as far as i know.
Hope this helps.

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